Sandra Bullock is facing quite a moral crisis at the moment. Her ex-husband Jesse James’ son has been arrested (not for the first time) for abusing his ex-girlfriend and violating a restraining order against him. And even though Bullock is not directly related to the case, or even brought into any sort of questioning, the incident is nevertheless disturbing for her as James Jr. is someone whom she raised as her own son once.

Sandra Bullock’s ex step-son has a history of abusive behavior

Jesse James and Sandra Bullock
Jesse James and Sandra Bullock

Jesse James’ son Jesse Eli James Jr. has been accused several times of abusive behavior towards his ex-girlfriend Lucee Peterson. Back in 2022, James Jr. pleaded no contest to Peterson’s charges of assault and was thus sentenced to two days in prison on May 19. He also disregarded an order of protection and spammed her inbox with 50 unsolicited and disturbing messages.

On April 20, 2021, he was arrested on domestic violence charges. He was bailed four days later but he did not heed the protective order against him and spammed his ex-girlfriend with terrifying and threatening messages. One of the texts read,

“You are my girl still! I’m not looking for anyone and you better not be a h—behind my back!”

Jesse James Jr. accused of abusing his ex-girlfriend and Sandra Bullock is incredibly upset
Jesse James Jr. and Sr., and Sandra Bullock

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According to several reports, Lucee Peterson described accounts of the abuse James Jr. put her through in her restraining order request. One of these accounts from April 2021 detail the incidents when she and James Jr. were evicted from their apartment.

“Jesse started threatening to kill me. Jesse said, ‘Do you want me to f—— lose my s— and knock the rest of your f—— teeth out? …I’m gonna f——- kill you b—-, I’m going to f—— punch your face into dust.”

The list of James Jr’s criminal history goes back even further. He was also arrested twice in 2020 for alleged assaults on Peterson, post which he was ordered to stay away from her and to also wear a GPS device to have his location monitored.

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Sandra Bullock in “incredibly upset” by Jesse James Jr.’s actions

Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock

The Blind Side actress is pretty shocked and even blindsided” by these revelations and the news of James Jr.’s arrest. A source revealed

“Sandra is incredibly upset someone she cared for and raised as a mother could be capable of harming another woman.” 

Sandra Bullock started seeing Jesse James in 2003 and the two tied the knot in 2005. But the Academy Award winner divorced James after news of his cheating with several women got out.

Jesse James Sr. is currently embroiled in a similar altercation with his current wife Bonnie Rotten, who accused him of cheating. She had also filed for divorce, and filed a protective order against him, but has currently withdrawn both cases and is back together with him.

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Source: Radar Online
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