Kim Kardashian is Balenciaga’s biggest supporter and the brand’s most famous model, appearing to walk on water in the house’s new fall 2022 campaign. Keeping all this aside, she might face some serious problems and her career might end because people are speaking against Balenciaga for their problematic advertisements and s*xualizing kids for profit.

Kim Kardashian promoting Balenciaga
Kim Kardashian promoting Balenciaga

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The Skims founder is now getting slammed for standing by Balenciaga after the high-end brand is bashed for sick new advertisements involving children. The star has been seen to sport pieces from the fashion house during outings, and at events showing her constant support and loyalty towards the brand and due to this, the internet is targetting her.

Kim Kardashian Receives Backlash for Supporting Balenciaga

Fans attacks Kim Kardashian for supporting Balenciaga
Fans attacks Kim Kardashian for supporting Balenciaga

A few days ago, Kim Kardashian took to Instagram to share a photo of herself sporting pieces from the Adidas x Balenciaga collaboration seemingly to shade ex-husband Kanye West, who was dropped by both brands. But, it wasn’t a cool move. She is not the first star getting bashed over this matter, supermodel like Bella Hadid is also included in this scandal. One critic on Reddit wrote:

“Kim publicly said she would eat s**t to stay young. There is literally nothing she wouldn’t do for fame and money! The sad part is she has much more money than she could spend in a lifetime. She probably lives off her money making her money and she’d still sell her soul for 1 dollar. I’d never expect her to put children in front of that!”

Twitter reaction:

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Another person wrote, “this whole thing is really gross. Hopefully, she’ll get called out for s*xualizing her own daughters, for clicks, too. They deserve so much better.”  She pretty much deserves this reaction because Balenciaga’s latest advertisements showed kids carrying teddy bears clothed in bondage-style harnesses, which is a very sensitive matter.

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Balenciaga Gets Bashed for S*xualizing Children in New Advertisements

Balenciaga's new advertisements receives hate
Balenciaga’s new advertisements receives hate

Fans are attacking the high-fashion brand over a series of ads featuring kids, one of which also showed what appeared to be documented about a child p*rnography case in the Supreme Court sitting on a desk. One surprising comment which made people more amazed is when the photographer Gabriele Galimberti said the pictures were part of a series called “Toy Stories.”  Not only this, many Twitter and Reddit users commented by saying Kim Kardashian is very ignorant and were questioning why she is still supporting the brand.


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