The defamation trial concluded with the jury’s verdict ordering Heard to pay 10.35 million dollars in compensation to Johnny Depp. Proofs and testimonies backed the fact that Depp was indeed defamed by the op-ed written by Amber Heard. But even after the defamation trial was concluded in favor of the Edward Scissorhands actor, Heard shared with NBC that she still stood by what she had claimed afterward, that she really was a victim of domestic violence.

Following this, a lawyer in an interview told them that Depp might sue her again. This time for trying to re-tarnish his image by calling him a liar. And while Heard is getting ready for a ‘Heard-Depp trial 2.0’, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor seems to be unfazed by his ex-wife. Amid the talk about the possible upcoming trial, supporters of Depp brought up the bed-sh*tting scandal. And Heard’s fans are not having it.

What Is the Heard-Depp Trial 2.0 All About?

Amber Heard
Amber Heard

The highly publicized defamation court trial between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp reached its verdict in July in favor of the latter. The Willy Wonka actor was awarded 10.35 million dollars for damages caused by the defamation. And Heard was awarded $2 million. It was for the damages she received due to one of Depp’s lawyers who called Heard’s abuse claims a ‘hoax’. Nevertheless, even after the verdict ruled in Depp’s favor, the Aquaman actor said in an interview with NBC that she stood by her words. She said whatever claims she had made against Depp were true and she had more proof.

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This was followed by an interview with a New-York based lawyer on NBC. He said that Heard might have to visit the court once again. According to him, Heard’s refute of the court’s verdict was enough for Depp to sue her once again. It could be on the claim that she was trying to re-tarnish his image.

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp

But although the talks about a possible second court trial between the two are going around, Depp seems to be unfazed by Heard. His recent outings seem to suggest he is not affected by his ex-wife anymore.

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Johnny Depp Supporters left Amber Heard Fans in Fury

Amber Heard
Amber Heard

Recently, amid the Heard-Depp trial 2.0 talks which have been making the rounds on the internet. Fans from both sides have been taking it out via tweets and other social media platforms. The Willy Wonka actor’s supporters are bringing up Heard’s bed-sh*tting scandal once again. These supporters are coming with comments such as “but amber Heard sh*t on Depp’s bed”.

However, these tweets about a scandal which according to some have no solid proof did not sit right with the Aquaman actor’s fans. Heard’s fans are defending the actress with tweets. One user and a fan got back at Depp’s supporters saying she should have sh*t on his mouth. The tweet read,

“but amber heard sh*t on Depp’s bed” okay and she should’ve sh*t in his mouth like what do u want me to say cause i really don’t give a fuck “

Another user defending the Aquaman actor wrote, “like she didn’t even do that but if she did irdgaf”. And another user tweeted that it was already proven that she did not do the rumored act.

If a second trial does happen, the world would watch again to see who the jury favors this time.

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