Who is a young celebrity who mistakenly spoils the plot but is still loved by all? You would not be wrong to assume the person in question is Tom Holland. But there’s a new kid on the block – Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp. Even the fans expect him to drop major spoilers. And while appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Noah Schnapp opened up on why he’s called the Tom Holland’of Stranger Things’ and how difficult it is for him to keep secrets.

Noah Schnapp admits he is not good at keeping secrets

Noah Schnapp on Jimmy Fallon Show
Noah Schnapp admits how he is bad at keeping secrets

Jimmy Fallon, the talk show host, took his chances to poke fun at the 17-year-old actor. Fallon said:

“The whole cast has been on the show. They call you the Tom Holland of Stranger Things, because you spoil everything. All the secrets.

Schnapp did not even make excuses. He admitted that he isn’t great about keeping spoilers under wraps and revealed how he made a major mistake by posting something which he should not have on his Instagram account. Noah added:

“I literally just realized this today. I posted stuff on my Instagram and of, like, an explosion or something and it’s from the second volume and people were, like, ‘Are you– is this a spoiler?’ And I was, like, ‘Oh my God, I’m going to get in trouble.’ So I literally just took it down.”

But this isn’t the first time Noah has spoiled a major event related to the show. But that still did not deter Noah, as on Thursday, he almost gave viewers another big tease.

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Noah Schnapp is at it, again!

Noah Schnapp
Noah Schnapp has dropped major spoilers

When asked what should fans expect from Volume 2, he said, “You can expect from Volume Two, we’ve got some deaths coming, some gore, and a big–”

Fallon stopped Schnapp mid-sentence, as he said, “Wow, that’s a big spoiler. Dude, you just said something that you can’t say!”

Schnapp was confused as he “didn’t say who.” But Fallon pointed out that the list of prospective characters is not that big, to begin with. Some reasonable deductions and voila. To this, Schnapp replied, “Well, you guys can assume that, obviously, somebody’s going to…”

Schnapp kept his mouth shut regarding controversial matters, admitting that Jimmy “scared” him.

Fans Can’t Believe (And Wait)

Stranger Things
Some major characters will die in Stranger Things Season 4 Vol. 2

This statement has left fans wondering what this could mean for their favourite characters. Twitter is again abuzz with speculation about which character might bite the dust. And after connecting the dots, fans are having a hard time processing the information. Recently, the Duffer brothers teased Steve’s fate. Doubts regarding Steve’s future broke a lot of people’s hearts. Even Producer Shawn Levy said that he would quit the show if he died.

But in the end, viewers didn’t get any concrete spoilers. Turns out Schnapp just teased the idea of a major death, just like the Duffer brothers did recently.

The only concrete spoilers fans will get will be available after 1st July when season 4 Vol. 2 of Stranger Things comes out.

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