Sydney Sweeney recently celebrated a great milestone for her mother, that is her 60th birthday bash, a special occasion for the entire family. However, the pictures she shared on Instagram to make her followers privy to the celebration hardly show an innocent family outing. Fans clearly find nothing innocent about Sweeney’s family proudly flaunting their right-wing political affiliations as has been made clear by innumerable comments under her social media handles.

Sydney Sweeney
Sydney Sweeney

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There’s nothing “great” about this

The Euphoria actress took to Instagram to share several pictures and video clips from what she dubbed as a “surprise hoedown” to celebrate her mother’s 60th birthday. While the bash was all about mechanical bull riding and square dancing, politics couldn’t help but infiltrate, and Sweeney is now facing the heat for it.

Sydney Sweeney
Sydney Sweeney’s Instagram post shows a member wearing a ‘Blue Lives Matter’ t-shirt

The pictures shared by both Sydney Sweeney and her brother show several of their family members wearing MAGA-themed red caps (much like the ones that Trump supporters wore during his rallies) that read “Make Sixty Great Again”. A ‘Blue Lives Matter’ shirt was donned by a family member in Sweeney’s post itself, the reason that it gathered extreme attention from fans and netizens who were livid and questioned Sweeney and her family’s political beliefs.

Sydney Sweeney's brother's Instagram post
Sydney Sweeney’s brother Trent Sweeney shared pictures of members wearing MAGA-themed hats

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Twitter blasts Sydney Sweeney for calling it “an innocent celebration”

However, on being called out by the internet, Sweeney claimed that she was being meted unfair discrimination and that an “innocent celebration” had been turned into “an absurd political statement”.

However, netizens were quick to call out Sweeney on her seeming innocence, asking her what was the intention behind politically themed outfits that her family wore.

Some harsh replies clearly stated why political undertones were dug out and called her family racist.

Some people claimed that even though Sydney Sweeney herself is not making any statement but being in a loving relationship with her family and sharing pictures of them flaunting their views has to be condemned.

…And obviously, there were the memes and the jokes.

Sydney Sweeney might not have made a clear political statement but the internet sieves through everything one shares, especially what celebrities share, and there’s nothing that can be bereft of politics.

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Source: Twitter

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