Among the exciting developments that are soon coming to the fourth season of Stranger Things, die-hard fans of A Nightmare on Elm Street icon Robert Englund have been awaiting his arrival in the Stranger Things series since his name was added to the cast list of the upcoming season in 2021.

However, the actor has now commented on his appearance himself in the much-anticipated show as the Creel household head, and Englund may have already revealed that his character will only appear in a single episode. While a few fans might have expected Robert Englund to have a bigger role in the Stranger Things saga, it is now quite likely that his appearance as Victor Creel may not be as big as some fans would have liked.

Robert Englund Is Set To Appear In Stranger Things Season 4

Robert Englund will appear in the fourth season of Stranger Things
A Nightmare on Elm Street fame Robert Englund will appear in the fourth season of Stranger Things

Stranger Things is all set for a return with the first part of the penultimate season set to air on May 27, and while there hasn’t been a full trailer for the new episodes yet, we know that the new season will be longer than anything before it. With the main cast of characters split across the globe, there are a lot of stories left to be told and it is not yet known how Victor Creel‘s story will play a part in the narrative. In a recent interview with Gibson TV, Englund talked about how filming was tricky for the whole cast, but his work is now all done. He said:

“Well I’m waiting for season 4 of Stranger Things. But because of covid, and the pandemic, and the fact that all the kids and David Harbour and everyone on that show is a star now, they’re a little behind. But I’ve shot my episode, so I’m looking forward to that because I’m a fan of the show.”

Robert Englund Will Be an Important Part of Season 4 Even Without Enough Screen Time

Robert Englund will appear for just one episode
Robert Englund will appear for just one episode

While Robert Englund has already hinted that his role in Stranger Things will be limited to just one episode, it is quite likely that his character will hold some vital pieces of the plot. When Englund was initially cast in the role of Victor Creel, the character was described as “an intimidating and disturbed man who is held in a psychiatric hospital for a really gruesome murder in the ’50s.” Apart from Englund appearing in the role, Kevin L. Johnson has also been cast as a younger version of Englund’s character.

While there has been no official confirmation as to how Creel’s story will fit into the narrative of Stranger Things, the most prominent fan theory reveals that the Creel House will be among the locations that contain a rift to the Upside Down, and that could, in turn, lead to various revelations regarding the Creel murders that may have links to the Mind-flayer and even more. It has also been hinted that the series might also include time travel, which could see some frontline characters going back to the Creel house in the 1950s, where they are set to discover more about the place where everything started.

Watch the promo:

Overall, the introduction of Creel House and Victor Creel could also be something that gets resolved within the season, or this could also be among the various story threads that will finally spill over into the last season, which we already know is on its way. No matter how much screen time Robert Englund has in Stranger Things – for a series that thrives on the ’80s nostalgia, his presence is actually enough to enhance the series’ connectivity further to its fans.


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