Another day, another list about MCU fan theories. While most of them are always about well-known characters, it’s time for the minor MCU villains to shine.

Vulture & Falcon Come From The Same Squad In The Armed Forces

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The Vulture

Vulture keeps rambling about how big people like Tony Stark do not care about the little guy, citing about military service as an example of how screwed up things are for the common man. That and the fact that he is so good at using his winged harness just like Sam Wilson makes us believe that Vulture was an early member of the same squad in the US Military Sam Wilson later joined and dropped out of.

Darren Cross Got Hank Pym’s Video as Ant-Man Because Of Black Widow

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Ant-Man – Darren Cross

Darren Cross aka Yellowjacket does a video presentation where a young Hank Pym could be seen as Ant-Man, proving the Pym Particle technology does work. An ongoing theory states the Cross got the video thanks to Black Widow leaking it at the end of Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

The Asgardians Gave The Collector The Reality Stone Because His Obsession to Complete His ‘Collection’ Would Make Him Find The Rest

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The Collector

There’s no logic as to why the Asgardians would hand over such a powerful artifact to someone as untrustworthy as the Collector. The only explanation is that they wanted this obsessive collector to go after the rest of the infinity stones.  Ant they would later snatch them from him.

Obadiah Stane Is A HYDRA Agent

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Jeff Bridges as Obadiah Stane

Stane willingly works with terrorists and sells them technology and information. He was more than willing to kill Tony so that Stark Industries stays under his control. It is highly likely that Stane gave information to his HYDRA Handlers to kill Howard and Maria Stark because they came to know about his secret. HYDRA would want a huge weapons manufacturing industry like Stark Industries to stay under their control at all times.

Mysterio’s ‘Death’ Was His Final Illusion

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Quentin Beck

When Peter asked EDITH is he dead, the AI gives a rather vague response. Besides EDITH only talks if someone utters its name. Peter never started the sentence with “EDITH” when he asked if Quentin is dead. That and the fact that Mysterio somehow managed to leak Peter’s secret from the grave is somehow way too much of a coincidence.

The Grandmaster Chose Sakaar Because Time Moves Slowly There

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The Grandmaster

The reason the Grandmaster’s Arena is in Sakaar is because of the temporal flow in the planet. Time moves very sluggishly there and this allows different species to evolve and develop at a faster rate. Korg’s species have been seen twice in the MCU already and they looked bigger and stronger. The Grandmaster chose Sakaar because the planet allowed him to get better fighters and warriors via evolution.

Ego Hired Yondu To Bring His Celestial Children To Him & Yondu Stopped With Peter Quill Because He Loved Him Like His Own Son

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Ego in GOTG Volume 2

Peter Quill was not the first time Ego fathered a child. He was looking for a successor and had sired children with different alien species all across the universe. Yondu was hired by Ego to traverse the cosmos and bring Ego’s kids to him. All of them failed to use the light because they were kids. When Yondu kidnapped Peter, he liked the boy so much he gave up the job. Peter succeeded where Ego’s other children failed because he was an adult.

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