With the Seven having been reduced to four members, it is time for Vought to go on a recruitment drive. These Marvel Anti-Heroes are brutal and crazy enough to become a member of The Boys universe.

Moon Knight

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Moon Knight is a mentally unstable fighter. The Avatar of Khonshu knows his way around the streets. Under a full moon, he could lift multiple tons of weight. He also possesses superhuman physical attributes and a regenerative healing factor. It’s his highly unpredictable nature that makes him a good fit for the Seven. Moon Knight is prone to kill and maim at a moment’s notice. He is not beneath using dirty tactics to get the job done. And he is more than happy to bloody his hands while doing so.

The Punisher

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Frank Castle started his one man war on crime after he witnessed his family get the short end of the stick. He is brutal and ruthless, showing absolutely no mercy to criminals. Throughout his career as the Punisher, castle has taken down drug lords, human traffickers, criminal masterminds, and mafia heads, but he has also doled out a lot of collateral damage. From the looks of it, he has no intention of stopping his crusade. A superhero like the Punisher would be a good fit for the Seven. he is trigger-happy and he likes it that way. There’s nothing more twisted than that.


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The Boys universe is yet to show us an occult side to their world. But since The Boys is based on the DC and Marvel Comic books, there is a high probability their universe might also have a supernatural element that is yet to be explored. Blade could be a supernatural hunter for the Seven, representing the arcane and the mystic arts. He is also very quick with the blade. We are yet to see a blade-wielding vigilante in the seven since the last one was literally slapped to death by Homelander.


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You might think Wolverine as a superhero with a golden heart. His popularity in the X-Men movies has waned his brutality factor a bit. In the comic books, Wolverine is absolutely ruthless. He only sees his target. In more ways than one, Wolverine is pretty much like the Hulk. He never cares about collateral damage and always tries to get the job done no matter what the cost. Wolverine would be a good addition to the Seven in place of Black Noir, who is in a coma.

Winter Soldier

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He was an assassin that literally helped change the course of history in the Marvel Comic Book Universe. The Seven are well and good but Vought has very little use for anyone except Black Noir, who is the corporation’s personal handyman. Vought needs more hands on deck. It needs people that are more than just a mere mouthpiece. The Winter Soldier and his years of experience would come in very useful for Vought International. Bucky Barnes would become their most valuable asset as an assassin, eliminating targets Vought considers a threat.


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The Seven is so damn gloomy. There’s a depressed bisexual, a megalomaniacal and unstoppable psychopath, a woman with religious and existential ambiguity. It really needs some humor. Guess who is crazy enough and dark enough at the same time? The Merc With a Mouth and his millions of insane references to pop culture would be a masterstroke for the Seven. We can even imagine Wade Wilson telling everyone they are actually just a part of a TV Show with a controversial second season release schedule. Deadpool would hit it out of the park as a Seven. That does not mean he would not fancy the blood-spilling once or twice a day. Make no mistake – despite all his shenanigans, Deadpool is a freaking psychopath.


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Having started out as a super villain, venom has come a long way since. He is now a complex anti-hero with tons of skills. He is a layered character with an even more perplexing personality. Venom is rightly said as comic book’s first true anti-hero. The Venom symbiote even has cannibalistic tendencies, a side it showed after bonding with Scorpion. Imagine a member of The Seven who secretly eats people for pleasure. How screwed up is that!!

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