The Boys took several liberties while they were adapting the stories and characters from the comic book source. Here are some Stormfront facts from the comics the show would never tell you.

Homelander & Black Noir Are Stormfront Clones

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In the comic books, Stormfront was one of the first humans that was injected with the Compound V. After the war, he was secretly transported to America. There Vought experimented with his DNA to create the world’s most powerful superhuman soldier. They came up with Homelander using Stormfront’s DNA Samples. They even created Black Noir, who was basically a copy of Homelander, from another sample of Stormfront. In more ways than one, Stormfront was directly responsible for the creation of the Seven and pushing Vought’s agenda of becoming a corporate superpower. This is in stark contrast the show’s Stormfront, who was a woman from Nazi Germany that married Frederick Vought and was injected with the first shot of Compound V.

Represents The Axis Powers From World War Two

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Stormfront represents the ideologies of Fascism and Nazism from World War Two. The most poetic of all superhero deaths in The Boys was when Mother’s Milk, Billy Butcher, Frenchie, and Vas stomped the guy to death. Stormfront was Nazi Germany incarnate. Butcher is British in the comics, Vas fought for the Russians. Mother’s Milk represented America and Frenchie represented France. Stormfront’s death was a representation of Allied Powers driving out Nazism from Europe. In the show, Stormfront was killed by Kimiko, Queen Maeve, and Starlight – a non-white, a bisexual, and an American woman. That all happened as Frenchie, Hughie, and Mother’s Milk looked on in awe. It was one of the most satisfying things to watch in The Boys Season 2.

Greatest Weakness -Ommetophobia: Fear Of Losing Vision

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For someone who is the greatest of all superheroes, Stormfront sure has a dumb phobia. In the comic books, his greatest fear is ommetophobia – the fear of losing his eyesight. The phobia is so great Stromfront literally screamed and flew out of an fight when he thought his vision was compromised. It was later revealed that Stormfront had another fight with Kimiko where the latter actually managed to pull one of his eyes out. In the show, Becca manages to stab Stormfront in the eye but she just shrugs off the pain and easily deals with the pain from the wound. Had the show shown Stormfront’s ommetophobia, it would have been some great comic book accurate material for the fans.

Ideological Opposite Of Captain America

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Captain America was based on the ideal that anybody can become a Super Soldier if they willed it. Stormfront was based on the ideal that only a chosen few from a particular race have the capability to gain super powers. Cap fought for the side of the Allies in World War Two and he hoped to save lives using his powers. Stormfront fought for the Nazi side and all he ever wanted was to kill as many people as he could in Hitler’s name. In the modern age, Steve Rogers struggled to understand technology. Stormfront excelled at it, using social media to sway public opinion. The comic books have many more well-defined contrasting aspects between Captain America and Stormfront.

Death By Severe Stomping

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The show showed how mangled Stormfront’s lifeless body was after the season 2 finale’s climactic battle. Stormfront was missing her limbs. She had lost an eye, all her facial hair, and had suffered third degree burns. She was delirious and the pain had driven her to insanity. If you think that was bad, wait till you see how the Supe died in the comic books. Mother’s Milk, Billy Butcher, Frenchie, and Vas literally stomped the guy to death. The reason of his death was death due to severe stomping. The stomping was so bad that his insides literally spilled out of his body while he was still alive.

The Boys Beat Up Payback

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When the Boys finally started making noise, they drew the attention of the Seven. After they made the Seven bite the dust on numerous occasions, Vought took over. To finally put an end to this charade, Vought hired Payback, led by Stormfront, to deal with The Boys. Payback was The Boys Universe’s second most powerful team after the Seven. The team went straight for The Boys. Vought had promised them they would be given the same privileges and status as the Seven if they succeeded. Payback never knew what hit them. What was supposed to be an ambush turned out to be their greatest mistake. The Boys not only took them down but killed most of their members. It was an absolute bloodbath.

Can Literally Manipulate Storms

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Stormfront pretty much has the same powers as Homelander with a few key differences. She has super strength, invulnerability, and the ability to fly. She can generate lightning and control electricity. But the comic books have shown Stormfront has another powerful ability show-Stormfront does not possess. It is the power to generate and control powerful hurricanes. In the comics, Stormfront uses this power to create artificial storms that raze entire towns, creating cheap real estate for Vought to invest into.

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