The Colombian singer Shakira has been in the public eye for a few months now due to her breakup with former Barcelona footballer Gerard Pique, her recent music release featuring him as the target, and her relationship with Lewis Hamilton, an F1 driver.

The singer’s future has been predicted by a medium, who claims that her days ahead will not be as easy as she anticipates, so the situation has now taken an interesting turn. Let’s examine it closely.

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Astrologer predicts Shakira’s future

Mhoni Vidente predicts Shakira’s future

According to Mhoni Vidente’s revelations, Shakira’s future will not be as smooth as one might think adding that the Colombian singer will be sued for exposing her children to the public eye.

The astrologer added, “There are legal issues coming, the worst ever. Gerard Pique, the father of her children, and their circle will sue Shakira to take the children away from her, because they say she wants to start a tour and she is not enough of a mother to them. How sad for Shakira.” 

Astrologer reveals that there is a chance of the singer being pregnant in future

She also mentioned that there is a possibility of Shakira being pregnant with her third child in the coming time and she coming forward to having a girl.  Vidente revealed on the program El Heraldo Television, “Someone who is going to be a mother this year is Shakira. The daddy is a sportsman or someone who is getting together with her”.

Something very unusual and surprising that Vidente predicted was that the Colombian singer could be romantically linked to former professional American football player Tom Brady who recently finalized his divorce from Gisele Bündchen.

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How are things going with Shakira and Lewis Hamilton?

According to reports, the two of them met at the Miami Grand Prix and instantly felt a spark and have been spending time with each other just to get to know each other and see how things go. They were then spotted at dinner together, and she attended the F1 Barcelona Grand Prix. But a report from Mail Online states that the duo are not romantically involved but they are just friends for now and are taking things at their own pace.

Spanish journalist Jordi Martin, who had earlier mentioned that the Colombian singer and the F1 champion would be heading for a holiday together, had revealed; “It’s a Caribbean country, a short trip of about an hour. I have people who are close to Shakira and they have been meeting this week and she has told them that she is excited and happy.”

Shakira and Lewis Hamilton
Shakira and Lewis Hamilton

Jessica Esoterica, a very popular Mexican astrologer, also chimed in with her prediction, mentioning that the confirmation of the relationship might take some time, but added that what they have right now is an ‘affectionate friendship’. Esoterica continued, “I do think it’s going to be important in her life because it’s going to give her the ‘I want to believe’ again, but that’s not going to be the end of the story, it’s a loving friendship”.

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Shakira and Gerard Pique’s sons skip uncle’s wedding

Pique’s brother recently announced plans to wed, and the former footballer asked Shakira if their boys could attend the wedding, which is scheduled for July 23. Per reports, the singer refused.

A clause in their separation agreement specifies who may live in their home when the children are present, as well as who may visit them, according to journalist Pepe del Real. Shakira put in place this clause to protect the welfare of the children and keep people out of their lives who might only be a temporary presence in their father’s life.

Shakira and Gerard Pique with their sons
Shakira and Gerard Pique with their sons

Pique had mentioned that if the singer leaves the children with him, he cannot bring his current partner home. The former football player had made sure to make every attempt to pursue the Colombian singer so that she could allow the kids to attend the wedding, but it seemed like she had made up her mind.

Source: Marca

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