As understood by the book’s title, Suicide Squad #1 lead to the death of multiple characters. Among the long list of casualties, there was a new character Scale, who is torn into half by Task Force X member Shark as his brother Fin watches. The death causes thick tension between Shark and Fin, and in Suicide Squad #3, the latter kills the former in a ruthless and ironic way.

The First Mission

 suicide squad 3
suicide squad 3 ready for another round of bloodbath

The latest Suicide Squad, comprising established Task Force X members and conscripts from The Revolutionaries, remained unsuccessful in its first mission when Osita — the leader of the latter group — killed the man they were supposed to install as the new president of Badhnisia. Furious, Task Force X leader Lok shocks Deadshot, Wink, Osita and the Aerie and demands the rest of the team to continue on their mission of assassinating the present president.

Suicide Squad 3

 suicide squad 3
Fin and shark on the onset of yet another devious mission

At the onset of the mission, Fin and Shark were given the responsibility for taking out a radar facility on the country’s coast. They remained triumphant in doing so and, in Suicide Squad #3, are ordered to regroup with Deadshot, Wink, Osita and the Aerie through a stormwater tunnel. Communicating telepathically, Fin at first gives off vibes as if he plans to forgive Shark. However, the villain keeps provoking Fin, and the Revolutionary stabs him in the leg, which causes blood to spill into the water. Fin then communicates telepathically with the sharks in the surrounding ocean. Shark begs for his life, but Fin refuses to melt, even making his brothers’ killer watch himself be gulped down.

The Devious Fin

suicide squad 3 fin
Devious and sly FIN

As Fin had to view the Shark gulp downscale, the new Task Force X member makes his brother’s killer watch himself get eaten by sharks in the same way. This particularly brutal end for Shark shows Fin is both devious and brutal, willing to do anything to get revenge. Fin is also likely coming for Lok next, and his abilities will be handy in taking down Task Force X’s new leader with his fellow Revolutionaries.

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