The Nutty Professor is a gold standard of comedy. It features Eddie Murphy in his absolute prime.

The comedian gives a career-best playing the lead role in this slapstick science fiction comedy movie.

People still go into fits of laughter watching the movie.

For the people like us who absolutely adore this movie, a Nutty Professor Reboot is in the works.

The Nutty Professor Reboot will be headed by the same company that gave us Scream 5. This is sure to turn a lot of heads.

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The classic comedy series will be made under the label of Project X Entertainment.

The company recently bought the rights to the Jerry Lewis Comedy and will be rebooting the franchise on the same lines as that of the Scream reboot.

Calling themselves as driven by creativity and a global entertainment company that discovers, produces and finances original stories for all mediums, Project X Entertainment has big names like Paul Neinstein, James Vanderbilt (Zodiac), Mike Gunter, and William Sharek on their top-most echelons.

Vanderbilt has also worked for big-budget movies like The Amazing Spider-Man, where he was the screen-writer.

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While Project X Entertainment did announce the Nutty Professor reboot, there are still no official announcements on the Director and the Producers for the Jerry Lewis Classic.

The original 1963 movie was written and directed by actor and comedian Jerry Lewis. He also starred as the titular character.

The 1963 movie was so well-received that critics still consider it to be a cult-classic. It garnered more than 19 Million US Dollars.

The movie’s success led to Eddie Murphy starring in a 1996 remake that was as equally successful.

The Eddie Murphy starred remake made more than 274 Million Dollars worldwide.

The success of that movie led to Murphy being roped in for another sequel titled The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps.

nutty professor reboot the klumps dinner

The sequel was a direct-to-video release and it was not as successful as the original 1996 remake.

The Klumps was the last movie to be released as part of the comedy franchise.

The Nutty Professor brand has remained inactive for more than a decade.

Project X Entertainment is breaking that cycle and bringing the franchise back to the international box office with a reboot.

nutty professor reboot 3

There might be several questions at the moment.

Considering the movie is of the comedy genre, will Project X Entertainment that specializes solely in dark and morbid humor as of now (Scream 5), be able to top the 1963 and 1996 movie of the same name.

The reboot has huge shoes to fill.  There is no release date set for the Nutty Professor Reboot.

There have been many rumors surrounding the movie like another POC actor being roped in.

But there are no sources to substantiate news like that and thus we suggest you take everything with the biggest pinch of salt you could find.

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The 1996 Nutty Professor movie is available on-demand for digital and home video release.

No further updates on Project X Entertainment’s Nutty Professor Reboot have surfaced. Stay tuned in case further updates raise their heads over the horizon.

Source: Deadline

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