In September of this year, the Spanish government accused Shakira of tax fraud. The tax evasion amount is about 14.5 million euros or 16.3 million dollars. Reportedly during the period between 2012-14, she did not pay taxes. The pop star decided to contest the claims saying on the grounds that she could not be considered an official citizen of Spain. According to the singer, her time there did not cross the required days to be called a citizen of the country. Therefore, the claims of tax evasion against her were baseless.

Now after 2 months since the claims were brought up, the Waka Waka singer is standing for trial in court. As a defense, she has mentioned that her relationship with ex Gerard Pique was not solid till 2015. Therefore the time period of alleged tax evasion was not liable as she was not a proper resident of the country around that time.

A Brief Look at the Tax Fraud Allegations on Shakira


According to the Spanish government, Shakira failed to pay her taxes between 2012-2014. And therefore the Spanish court has charged tax fraud on the singer and reportedly the amount is around 14.5 million euros or 16.3 million dollars. She might face up to 8 years of jail due to the various financial-related charges against her.

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Aside from tax evasion charges, the Grammy Award winner has also been accused of false claims. According to the Spanish court, the claim that she was living overseas was a way to avoid paying taxes. Additionally, the She-wolf singer was mentioned in the ‘Pandora Papers’ in 2021. It was one of the largest financial record breaches ever. It included a list of people that were connected to offshore assets.

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Shakira Uses her relationship With Ex Gerard Pique as a Defense


Finally, after the allegation of tax fraud was brought up against Shakira, She is standing on trial currently at court. The Columbian singer has said previously that the claims by the Spanish government were baseless. She mentioned that the claims had been false and that the authorities frequently put wrong allegations of tax fraud on celebrities. According to the Loca singer, she had paid whatever the amount was claimed. And earlier the singer also stated that she went by one of the largest tax expert companies. Therefore she had a good idea about the taxes and what she had to pay from the start.

And recently, the mother of two has defended herself by mentioning that her relationship with Gerard Pique had not been solid until 2015. Therefore during the time period that the court claimed (2012-2014), she was not a proper resident of the country. According to the Spanish newspaper, La Vanguardia, the singer’s defense team has said,

“There was no firm commitment between the two and they could only see each other during holidays or fleeting trips, either in Barcelona or in other parts of the world,

Further, it was also mentioned that only in 2015 did the decision to establish a proper residential residency happened. It had been the perfect year for it as the Spanish footballer had agreed to sign a new Barcelona contract. And Shakira had also rejected the renewal of The Voice, in which she was working as a Judge. That was also the year their second child Sasha was born.

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Source: Marca

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