Thor: Love and Thunder has finally hit the theatres after much anticipation. The film, which is directed by Taika Watiti, is the fourth installment in the Thor series and follows Thor Odinson as he seeks to find inner peace. However, things aren’t going to be easy even for the God of Thunder since a terrifying villain, Gorr, the God Butcher, has vowed to kill all Gods. Christian Bale plays the villain, and ever since the film’s release, praises have been pouring in for the actor.

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Taika Watiti says Gorr is ‘more formidable’ than Hela

Gorr the God Butcher in Marvel Cinematic Universe
Gorr the God Butcher in Marvel Cinematic Universe

In a recent interview with Disney, director Taika Waititi said that Thor: Love and Thunder’s villain is even better than Thor: Ragnarok’s villain Hela, the Goddess of Death. The director stated,

“We needed to step up from Hela and find a villain who was somehow even more formidable, and we found that in Gorr, who is played by the remarkable Christian Bale.”

However, according to the fans, the villain is not only better than Hela but also Thanos.

Chris Hemsworth says Christian Bale brought depth to the evil villain

Gorr the God Butcher
Gorr the God Butcher

Even Chris Hemsworth praised the villain and stated,

“The character is fascinating because, like all good villains, Gorr has a point. He may not be going about it the right way, but there’s empathy in the script, and Christian brought so many more layers and so much more depth to Gorr.”

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Fans criticize Thor: Love and Thunder for not giving Gorr enough screen time.

Gorr the God Butcher in Love and Thunder
Gorr the God Butcher in Love and Thunder

The menacing and spine-chilling villain has become an instant fan favorite. However, the fans have been criticizing the film for not giving the sinister character enough screen time. Fans have been complaining that the lack of proper screen time did not allow the character to develop fully and reach his full evil potential.

It is no doubt that Christian Bale will be remembered for years for his portrayal of Gorr in the film. However, if Marvel Studios had increased the film’s screen time from 1 hour and 59 minutes by not cutting down important scenes such as the villainous character’s origin, then perhaps the fans would have been satisfied.

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