Ex-P*rnhub star Mia Khalifa has hit out at Playboy and Instagram over “double standards” which she says risks getting her account banned every time. The now-Instagram model and former P*rn star admitted she is ‘so scared‘ of her account getting banned, and claimed Playboy was ‘risking‘ her account by pushing promotions.

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Khalifa claimed the social networking site had removed the option to report Playboy posts for nudity while she constantly lives in fear of getting banned from Instagram. The 29-year-old beauty added Playboy “barely blurs” their pictures but “doesn’t seem to get flagged”.

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There is no option to report Playboy for nudity anymore, says Mia Khalifa

In a recent Instagram story, the former p*rn star Mia Khalifa slammed Playboy and its double standards when it comes to censorship on the social media platform. She started off by saying, “Playboy is at it again“. She pointed out the fact that someone in the comments section mentioned there is no option to report nudity on Playboy’s posts. And it’s true! Instagram has taken away the option to report Playboy for nudity.

Mia Khalifa talks her earnings as a p*rnstar
Mia Khalifa

The Instagram page of Playboy is notoriously famous for obsessively showing off various explicit photos and shots of models and celebrities. Currently, Playboy has a massive 9.8 million followers who religiously follow the page’s naughty content, and apparently, this is risking many people from getting their Instagram accounts banned.

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Mia Khalifa is not happy with the double standards

Mia Khalifa got angry with Playboy as she continues to criticize its double standards: “Do you know how frustrating it is to fight with a company about my contractual obligations for promotion on IG while also fighting to maintain my account so it isn’t constantly getting flagged or shdwbanned?” 

Mia Khalifa reveals her anual earning
Mia Khalifa in an interview

She then explained,

I don’t want to report people as I hate censorship but this is actually ridiculous and makes you realize how little social media platforms actually care about their own rules and how they mess with artists and SW lives so much for literally no reason, especially considering they do allow porn on their platform if it’s an account that has enough money to pay them. I am honestly so furious at the double standards”

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Why did Mia Khalifa quit the adult film industry?

The biggest and probably the most important concern for the former p*orn star Mia Khalifa to leave the adult film industry is lack of privacy. She said in an interview that her privacy had been thrown out the window because she was only a click away for anyone. Mia Khalifa may have left the adult film industry a long time ago, but ghosts from the past are still haunting her. In multiple interviews, Khalifa stated that she felt isolated and anxious after leaving the p*rnographic industry.

Khalifa revealed in an interview with Stephen Sackur for BBC’s Hard Talk that post-traumatic stress had set in after she left the adult industry.

When I go out in public, I believe post-traumatic stress disorder kicks in. I get the impression that people can see right through my clothes because of the glances I get. And it makes me feel terrible. It makes me feel as if I’ve forfeited my right to privacy, which I have because I’m only a Google search away.”

Reportedly Mia Khalifa received death threats from ISIS after wearing hijab in a p*rn video, which eventually made her leave the industry.

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