Thanks to Rick Riordan’s impressive tale, Percy Jackson has been a childhood essential on our bookshelves for the last decade (or more). Yeah, Harry Potter is amazing but it was sad that it overshadowed Percy Jackson. The books have been bestsellers and they deserve to be. And the challenges Percy and the group faced were amazing.

As much as the books were great, the movies were just pathetic. They cast teenagers to portray 12-year-olds like what were they even thinking? Luckily for the fans, Disney+ is here to give the series justice and we are sure that things will turn around and an entire season dedicated to the Lightning Thief.

It was announced a day back that we have our Percy who is going to be portrayed by the 13-year-old Walker Scobell. Not only did they get the age of the character right, but Walker is the perfect Percy we could have asked for. Those who have watched The Adam Project know why. While we wait for other details, here are things that Disney+ needs to do better than the movies:

1. A much well-established Camp Half-Blood

What Disney+ should change in Percy Jackson
Camp Half-Blood in the films

Camp Half-Blood in Percy Jackson is as important as Hogwarts in Harry Potter. It’s not “grand” but it is equally magical and there are a lot of mythological creatures. It was very underwhelming in the films but in the books, trust us, it was one of the most interesting places to hang out.

The demigods even trained there had competitions and so much. There were cabins for each Olympian Gods too. We could possibly see the half-bloods meeting Nymphs too. We are crossing our fingers and hoping that Disney+ learns from this mistake that was done in the film.

2. Some light on ADHD and Dyslexia.

Disney should change these things in Percy Jackson
Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

Confused? Readers are aware that Rick Riordan has made demigods born with ADHD and Dyslexia. The ADHD-born demigods have warrior spirits and love to go on quests and kill monsters. But the demigods who have dyslexia can read Greek symbols and so many other languages which is really tough for others to understand. Rick Riordan had associated the demigods with the neurodiversity for a reason so that his son Haley (who has ADHD and Dyslexia) could be represented in a positive way. The story has helped so many kids feel “included” and capable to do all kinds of things their favorite demigod has done.

3. Percy Finally Showing off his sarcasm.

Walker Scobell in Disney+ Percy Jackson series
Rick broke the news to Walker Scobell. Also, he has a Camp Half-Blood t-shirt. Perfect casting choice.

Percy is funny and savage at the same time in the books and it makes him really relatable. His consciousness had made some fights into comic scenes. Thanks to his sense of humor and sarcastic comments, he has even angered a few Olympian Gods.

Coming to the casting of Walker Scobell, he is totally capable to pull it off. If you have watched The Adam Project, he has definitely passed many such comments that made us laugh hard. And yes, he can always contact Ryan Reynolds for some guidance.

4. More of Underworld Please!

Percy Jackson Disney+ Series
Underworld as portrayed in the movies

The movies tried hard okay. Maybe way too hard. They did pay attention to the “backbones” of the story. But then just jumped to scenarios without paying attention to the details that were wonderfully mentioned in the books.

For example, if you read the book, The Lightning Thief, the trio goes and explores the Underworld and it is beautifully mentioned. Like everyone had a different kind of imagination and picture of the Underworld. But in the movie, they hardly captured it. Just imagine if they could explore the Underworld in the series! We would totally love that.

5. The Greek Magic

Percy Jackson Disney+ Series
Medusa from Percy Jackson movies

The best and unique thing about Percy Jackson is the commendable way Rick Riodarn managed to establish a world that pictured the Gods and creatures from Greek mythology in the modern family. Thanks to his vivid imagination, he made us believe that Underworld is in Los Angeles and Medusa is living a successful life by selling the statues of her victims. We want to see some good magic and myths in these episodes.

We really are cheering for Disney+ to get these right. It’s high time we see Percy hearing the thoughts of horses or being haunted in his dreams of Kronos or Thalia.

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