In a candid interview, the legendary actor Richard Grant opens up about his controversy regarding the gay community. Back in 2019, Grant found himself at the center of controversy as he discussed the topic of straight actors playing gay roles in films and television. Although considering his history of playing these kinds of roles, the gay community accused him of hypocrisy.

Richard Grant
Richard Grant

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Richard Grant Opens Up About His 2019 Controversy

Back in 2019, Richard Grant the acclaimed actor in Hollywood found himself at the center of an internet backlash after his hypocritical comments on the gay roles. The incident first unfolded when in an interview with The Sunday Times, Grant said that straight actors shouldn’t take on gay roles.

Although this comment of the Grant came in just after he played a gay man’s role in Can You Ever Forgive Me? and also while he was shooting for Everybody’s Talking about Jamie as a drag queen. This sparked a heated debate as people started calling Grant a hypocrite.

Richard Grant
Richard Grant

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However, recalling the incident during an interview with The Guardian, Grant said “I said I think that you have to be very sensitive and aware that you are taking a role away from somebody, and you have to really justify why you are doing that but, of course, it was quoted and misquoted subsequently that only gay actors should play gay roles, which is not what I actually said. This is the way of the world … I then got trolled on the internet.”

Even after all the explanations that Grant has for this incident, many people still consider his thoughts as nothing but hypocritical.

Richard Grant Talks About Offers He Received After the success of Can You Ever Forgive Me? 

Can You Ever Forgive Me? is one of the most appreciated movies on Richard Grant’s resume for which the actor also received an Oscar Nomination. However, talking about the post Can You Ever Forgive Me? period, Grant revealed that he mostly got bad or entirely unsuitable offers.

Richard Grant
Richard Grant

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While talking about this in an interview with The Guardian, the actor said “I didn’t have a delusion or an expectation that there’d be a sudden shift and I’d be offered a thousand things”. Further talking about this the actor revealed “Of course, I did get offered a lot of stuff, but mostly bad or just entirely unsuitable”.

Not only this the actor also revealed that it was at that time that he realized that his status is by no means a guarantee of anything

Source: The Guardian 


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