People from the 90s must be knowing Marilyn Monroe, the famous American star from the 90s. Are bells not ringing? Well, you must have seen her playing the “blonde bombshell character”, and a decade between 1950 and 1960, Monroe became the star who was more popular as a s*x symbol. 

Besides her being popular for being the star from the 90s, Monroe also took the attention of many of her fans after it was revealed her romantic bond with Joe DiMaggio didn’t last for long and neither had a bad ending too. 

The story was from the 90s and to bring that nostalgia back to the audience, the streaming giant, Netflix has revived the story from the 90s through their Blonde movie.

A Revealing Glimpse into the Relationship of Marilyn Monroe and Joe Dimaggio

Picture of Marilyn Monroe and Joe Dimaggio
Picture of Marilyn Monroe and Joe Dimaggio

Don’t Bother To Knock star started dating back in 1952 when the retired professional baseball player who started coaching other young players asked Lytess to introduce him to Monroe who was among the popular and raising stars back in time. Lytess was living with Monroe back in time.

The star didn’t show any interest as she had concerns that the player would be a stereotypical arrogant athlete.

“I disliked him at once. He is a man with a closed, vapid look. Marilyn introduced us and said I was her coach, which made no impression on him. A week later I telephoned her and Joe answered: ‘I think if you want to talk to Miss Monroe’ – Miss Monroe! – ‘you’d better call her agent.’” Joe disliked Lytess just as much” 

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Here it looks like Monroe’s friend didn’t really have a great bond with the famous baseball players. However, the Gentlemen Prefer Blondes star tried her best to keep the peace between their close ones, but things didn’t work well, and this was the time when Lytess warned the Seven Year star by saying: 

“This man is the punishment of God in your life.”

Picture of Behind the Scene Shooting of Blonde Movie by Netflix
Picture of Behind the Scene Shooting of Blonde Movie by Netflix

As the relationship grew between The Misfits star and the baseball coach. But the bond and connection between Lytess with both of the popular stars didn’t go well.

Should You Watch Blonde by Netflix?

Snapshot from the Blonde Movie by Netflix
Snapshot from the Blonde Movie by Netflix

Netflix took inspiration from the love story of How to Marry a Millionaire star and the baseball coach. 

The Netflix movie was directed by Andrew Dominik and the story has been adapted from a novel by Joyce Carol Oates. 

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If you are someone who loved the movies by Monroe, then definitely you will love to watch the life moments she shared from her past, you can watch the trailer for the movie to take a final call on whether you should watch Blonde by Netflix or not.

Blonde can now be streamed via Netflix.

Source: WWD

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