Doesn’t it like feel forever since we have been waiting for the fourth installment of the Thor movie series? He had to literally see his home being destroyed in Ragnarok, saw his brother die in front of him, and then he also bumped into Guardians of the Galaxy and gained weight dealing with the PTSD.

We all are super excited to see what’s up with Thor and how will Natalie Portman’s character be reintroduced in the movie!

Well while we wait for the trailer, new merchandise for Thor: Love and Thunder definitely have given us a sneak peek at the “expected” looks of Star-Lord and Groot.

What is expected from the film?

Merchandise reveal for Thor movie
Announcement Poster for Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor: Love and Thunder see the return of Taika Waititi as a director along with much loved MCU characters such as Jane Foster (we are excited to see her back) and Valkriye. BUT… We are also going to see Christian Bale making his MCU debut as Gorr the God Butcher.

Apart from these characters, Thor 4 is going to have a crossover with the Guardians of the Galaxy! Chris Pratt was confirmed to appear in the movie and we will meet others as well. Disney and The Marvel Studios sure are taking a lot of time to promote the film and it is understandable with all their current focus on Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness.

What’s the “Big” Reveal About?

Thanks to merchandise reveal, Thor Love and Thunder is expected to-
Can we even recognize Christian Bale as Gorr?

You got to love Marvel merchandise right? Well, you are in luck, pictures for the “Marvel Legends” for Thor: Love and Thunder have been leaked and we can have a look at the figure of Thor, Star-Lord, Ravager Thor, Mighty Thor, Gorr, and Valkyrie. We have already gotten a look at the costumes for Jane, Thor, and Valkyrie, and thanks to these pictures, we now get a look at Gorr, Star-Lord, and Groot.

All thanks to Geek Zone and That REDACTED Guy who took their Twitter Handles to share this piece of news with Marvel fans!

Well, we can’t point out much difference when it comes to Groot. Maybe he has grown taller? But Star-Lord certainly seems to be donning a relatively new outfit and he’s grown his beard. We still have to see if there are any new looks for the other Guardians of the Galaxy characters.

Of course, they have still not revealed if GOTG heroes are going to have an important cameo, or are they going to be for a larger role! Guess we still have to wait!

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