Not only kids but adults have also commended the iconic and never-ending battles and chases in Tom and Jerry, one of the fan-favorite animated cartoons. However, little did fans know that it was Felix, who set the stage for Tom and Jerry to rise insanely.

Tom and Jerry
Tom and Jerry

Before we witnessed the intriguing and fun fights between Tom and Jerry, Felix whose initial name was Mater Tom from the animated cartoon film Feline Follies established the image of silent films, and how they were received by fans. He is the first cat that was introduced more than 100 years ago and is still considered among the best cat characters ever created.

Soon after Felix was introduced, the carton cat drew immense commendation and excitement among cartoon lovers. The anthropomorphic young black cat has a mischievous nature and became an inspiration for Tom and Jerry which debuted in 1940.

The Iconic Tom and Jerry Cartoon Mirrored More Than 100 Years Old Cartoon Cat Felix

If you have ever wondered about the inspiration behind Tom and Jerry, then we’ve got you! This year marks the 105th year of Felix’s debut, whose initial name was Master Tom. He’s the first cartoon cat ever introduced in an animated silent film era and grew insanely popular. To this day, Felix is considered one of the iconic cartoons that continues to serve as a base for many incredible works.

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Felix The Cat
Felix The Cat

Felix the cat previously known as Tom Master appeared in the 1919 film Feline Follies. Following the massive hit project, there were many other successful series, comic books, and much more based on the young black cat with white eyes.

However, another remarkable animated cartoon after Felix was Tom and Jerry, which debuted in 1940. Since Felix was already the most famous cat, and Tom had similarities with him which included being anthropomorphic cats, antics, and slapstick humor, played a crucial role in establishing William Hannah and Joseph Barbera’s cartoon.

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Both Felix and Tom & Jerry are part of early filmmaking and have influenced many successful projects. However, Felix remains the oldest and most unique cartoon cat with his unique personality and the reason why fans love watching cartoon cats.

Tom and Jerry Live-Action Film Becomes Sleeper Hit on Netflix

Tom and Jerry Live-Action Film
Tom and Jerry Live-Action Film

Tom and Jerry‘s live-action movie has found a new way, emerging as a sleeper hit on Netflix. According to the streamer’s top 10 films in the USA, the live-action film has secured the ninth position. This new success comes three years after the film was released and surprisingly criticized by many.

The film features the iconic duo hired by a wedding planner before a big event. Vieres showed mixed reviews, most of them negative for lack of humor, shifting the focus from Tom and Jerry and crafting a thin plot. Since the duo is globally recognized and loved, expectations were incredibly high. Maybe because the animated series has always been on top. However, despite the challenges and negative reactions from fans, Tom and Jerry live-action has found a new life on Netflix.

Watch Tom and Jerry live-action on Netflix.

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