Top Gun: Maverick Zooms Past $600M, Expected To Become Tom Cruise’s First $1B Movie

Tom Cruise as Maverick - Top Gun: Maverick
Tom Cruise as Maverick

Tom Cruise might enter the Billion-Dollar-Club soon. Top Gun: Maverick is officially Tom Cruise’s most successful domestic release. The much-awaited sequel of the classic 1986 film has now left behind Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds by more than $100 million. On Tuesday, Maverick crossed the $600 million mark worldwide in merely 12 days, making at least $334 million at the box office domestically and $278 million overseas.

Tom Cruise’s Biggest Domestic Hits

It’s notable how the first Top Gun film would be Cruise’s biggest domestic hit if we adjusted it according to inflation.  It earned $180 million in 1986 which becomes $440 million in 2022 dollars. Other Cruise movies that are still ahead of Maverick in terms of domestic collection adjusted to inflation are 1993’s The Firm ($158 million/$358 million adjusted), 2000’s Mission: Impossible II ($215 million/$365 million adjusted), 1996’s Mission: Impossible ($181 million/$375 million adjusted) and 1988’s Rain Man ($173 million/$396 million adjusted).

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Top Gun: Maverick is soon to enter the Billion-Dollar-Club

Realistic assumptions can conclude that Maverick has a chance of earning $400 million domestically by the end of its third weekend of release. However, the more impressive fact is that the Connelly-Cruise starrer might conclude its worldwide run with $1 billion. This would be the first time that Tom Cruise might enter the Billion-Dollar-Club in his long and illustrious career. This is especially significant with China and Russia out of the picture. Maverick will need to gross at least $530 million stateside if we considered a 53/47 – domestic/overseas split in grosses, to hit this target. Tom Cruise is fairly popular in South Korea, which makes the country the final remaining major overseas territory for the film.

Tom Cruise and Jennifer Connelly - Top Gun: Maverick
Tom Cruise and Jennifer Connelly in Top Gun: Maverick

In Korea, the total amount grossed by the last three Mission: Impossible movies was between $41 million and $51 million. If Maverick, too, can manage to gross around the same amount, there’s a fair chance that it would hit $1 billion even with a $500 million domestic haul. It is already Paramount’s biggest non-Mission: Impossible global hit since 2014’s Transformers: Age of Extinction. In the end, if we make a fair and realistic estimate, Maverick might finish as Paramount’s fourth-biggest global hit ever, behind only Transformers: Age of Extinction ($1.105 billion), 2011’s Transformers: Dark of the Moon ($1.123 billion) and Titanic ($2.2 billion, including re-releases). Although we must point out that it was Fox that distributed Titanic overseas.

Cruise’s biggest global hit to date is 2018’s Mission: Impossible — Fallout ($792 million), and Maverick is going to easily leave that runner behind. There are two more Mission: Impossibles already in line for release in 2023 and 2024, seems like Cruise is fixing to get into quite the late-period showdown with himself.

Tom Cruise - Top Gun: Maverick
Tom Cruise getting into a late-period show-down

The real competition at the box office for Maverick is hitting theaters this week. The much anticipated concluding movie of the Jurassic World Trilogy has the fans curious if it would hold up to the success of its predecessor, although the reviews suggest otherwise.

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