Hollywood comes up with 100s of movies. While some of them smash the box office like anything. Some fail to make a mark at the office. However, that does not mean these movies are not worthy! So, we’ve curated this list of 18 underrated movies that we think are 100% funny. If you’re having a tough day, give them a watch. Brighten up your day. Check it out!

1. 2009- “Land Of The Lost”

Movie: “Land Of The Lost”

This movie never gets the credit it deserves!

2. 1993- “Robin Hood: Men In Tights”

Movie: “Robin Hood- Men In Tights”

It is the funniest and most underrated movie of all time. If you like stupid humor, this is the best movie.

3. 2016- “Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping”

Movie: “Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping”

Its stupid humor will make you cry-laugh. All the celebrity cameos make it funnier!

4. 1999- “Drop Dead Gorgeous”

Movie: “Drop Dead Gorgeous”

This mockumentary is so funny because it’s so true!

5. 2015- “Mr. Right”

Movie: “Mr. Right”

The movie is stupidly underrated. The one-liners are so entertaining throughout the movie.

6. 2018- “Game Night”

Movie: “Game Night”

This movie has continuous plot twists with hilarious instances that will keep you glued.

7. 1996- “The Birdcage”

Movie: “The Birdcage”

The cast is perfection. You will find something new to laugh at every time you watch this movie!

8. 2009- “All About Steve”

Movie: “All About Steve”

Sandra Bullock and Bradley Cooper starrer will make you laugh from start to finish. It is super hilarious, super quirky, and super underrated!

9. 2006- “Clerks II”

Movie: “Clerks II”

The movie is stupid humor, but sometimes it’s nice to just chill and have some laugh!

10. 2000- “The Whole Nine Yards”

Movie: “The Whole Nine Yards”

You will laugh your whole way through the movie. That’s a promise.

11. 2004- “Kung Fu Hustle”

Movie: “Kung Fu Hustle”

Though not a lot of people know about it, this movie is hilarious. Give it a watch!

12. 1985- “Clue”

Movie: “Clue”

It is a cult classic comedy. The cast is on-point and give an amazing performance!

13. 1988- “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels”

Movie: “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels”

This movie is a truly underrated gem. Steve Martin and Michael Caine give a wonderful performance. Their comic timing is flawless.

14. 2001- “Rat Race”

Movie: “Rat Race”

If you love Rowan Atkinson a.k.a Mr. Bean, you must watch this movie too. It is so underrated yet an amazing watch. It’s a blend of comedy and adventure.

15. 2014- “What Do We Do In The Shadows”

Movie: “What We Do In The Shadows”

It’s weird and wacky. Must watch!

16. 2005- “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”

Movie: “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”

This movie might not be known to many. However, it’s hilarious and lovable. Try giving it a watch. Also, how can you ignore Iron Man‘s film?

17. 2005- “Just Friends”

Movie: “Just Friends’

This completely underrated movie is absolutely hilarious. Also, its a mixture of romance and comedy. It can be your try for Friday date night.

18. 2000- “Best In Show”

Movie: “Best In Show”

This is a nice hilarious film you can try watching in your free time!

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