The highly publicized Depp-Heard trial which concluded in June 2022 was debated and discussed among netizens all throughout the trial. It was evident that Amber Heard received the bad end of the stick. With the constant shower of an unnecessary amount of bullying from online trolls, some equated it with the ‘Witch Trials’ of the dark age. And even after it concluded, the trial has not stopped being the talk of the town.

Amid the talks of the upcoming Depp-Heard trial 2.0, recently Amber Heard’s sister along with a group of experts from over 130 Feminist organizations and many other celebrities have come up in support of the Aquaman actor. An open letter supporting the actress has been released recently condemning Amber Heard’s Public shaming.

What Does the Open Letter Say?

Amber Heard
Amber Heard

The open letter was signed by over 190 experts in Women’s Rights Advocacy, domestic violence, and such. It addresses the issue of the misconception of violence from intimate partners and the resultant response by the victim. According to the letter, the public shaming plus online bullying of Heard during the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard defamation trial and even afterward was fuelled by misinformation by the media. The letter reads,

“Much of this harassment was fuelled by disinformation, misogyny, biphobia”

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Amber Heard
Amber Heard

And it further added that the same misconception and victim blaming were being used against anyone who reported sexual or domestic violence. The experts have also pointed to the verdict of the defamation trial. The way the Aquaman actor as well as her supporters were vilified was definitely a sign of great concern. And it showed a fundamental flaw in understanding domestic violence issues.

There is a greater chance now for the misuse of defamation suits to silence victims according to the letter. Some of the organizations that signed include the National Women’s Law Centre, and Women’s March Foundations among many others. Celebrities like Constance Wu, and Gloria Steinem have also signed the letter.

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Amber Heard’s Sister Applauded the Open Letter

Amber Heard and Whitney Henriquez
Amber Heard and Whitney Henriquez

Following the publication of the Open Letter in support of Amber Heard, her sister Whitney Henriquez has shared her opinion recently. Henriquez shared that ever since the defamation trial took place she had been disappointed saying,

“To simply say that my faith in humanity has been called into question since the trial/verdict would be a gross understatement,”

According to Whitney Henriquez, the resultant shaming and bullying of Amber Heard only showed the amount of misogyny that existed. She also questioned the judicial system claiming it was deeply flawed. And now that experts have also voiced their support for Heard, Henriquez shared that it felt like a “breath of fresh air”. She shared online writing,

To now see this letter signed by over 130 experts and organizations has been a much-needed breath of fresh air. At last, the tides are turning….. Finally! #istandwithamberheard.”

She also added that the defamation trial showed how harassment of someone who had a different view or opinion was simply accepted.

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