The Pirates of the Caribbean star made several headlines for Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard trial. As the jury finally delivered their verdict, Depp must have been relieved to settle the issue. However, soon the Hollywood star had to contend with another legal issue. While filming the 2018 film, City of Lies, a location manager accused him of assault. Gregg “Rocky” Brooks reportedly filed a lawsuit against the Sleepy Hollow star.

Johnny Depp in City of Lies
Johnny Depp in City of Lies

Depp was not ready for another courtroom stand. The crew member filed the lawsuit after the actor reportedly punched him on set. The trial was scheduled to begin on July 21. However, the Corpse Bride actor avoided the trial with a settlement including $100,000.

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A Crew Member Accused Johnny Depp of Assault

While filming the 2018 film, City of Lies, a location manager who worked on the Los Angeles set of the film had a confrontation with the lead star of the film. After which he filed a lawsuit against Depp. In his lawsuit Gregg “Rocky” Brooks claimed that The Rum Diary star punched him twice. Brooks alleged that Johnny Depp seemed intoxicated and smelled of alcohol.

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp

He also claimed that director Brad Furman forced him to go beyond his duties. He informed him that the shooting had to end soon. After which Furman told him to give the information to Depp. As he gave the news to the Dark Shadows star, he “angrily and forcefully” punched him twice in the rib cage. He also yelled at him saying, “Who the [expletive] are you? You have no right to tell me what to do.”

Gregg Brooks also claimed that the next day he was asked to sign a document saying he wouldn’t sue over the incident. He was fired after he refused to do so. However, the Donnie Brasco star has managed to settle the issue for now. City of Lies was scheduled to be released in 2018. However, it was delayed after Johnny Depp’s conflict with his ex-wife.

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Johnny Depp Avoided Trial With a $100,000 Settlement

The trial was originally scheduled to begin in 2019. But it was moved forward to 21 July 2022. Johnny Depp managed to avoid the trial as he offered a $100,000 settlement to Gregg Brooks.

Brooks and Depp managed to reach an agreement just weeks before the case was set for trial in Los Angeles. Judge Holly J. Fujie delayed the trial till 5 January 2023. According to reports, the case will be dismissed if the Cry-Baby star fulfills all of the requirements of the settlement.

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp

The requirements for the settlement have not been disclosed in the court filing. Depp’s lawyers in 2018 claimed that the actor never touched the person suing him. The lawyers also denied all the claims. In 2019 the Public Enemies star’s attorney told Variety that they were planning to file their own complaint in response to the allegation.

Gregg “Rocky” Brooks also sued producers and the director of the City of Lies. But his lawyer told Variety that Johnny Depp is at top of the hierarchy. And no matter who started the brawl, he has to be on top and dace most of the damage.

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