Hollywood star Seth Rogen is particularly known for his roles in stoner comedies like Pineapple Express and The Night Before and has had some real experience to use as a reference while playing such roles. In an appearance on the talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live! Rogen shared an anecdote where he got so high while on a trip to the Netherlands that he found himself in France when he sobered up.

Seth Rogen Recounts Crazy Experience While Under the Influence

Seth Rogen
Seth Rogen

Recounting the incident that happened on his trip to Europe at the age of eighteen, Seth Rogen says he ate some psychedelic mushrooms out of proportion. The mushrooms are normally sold dried up. Unbeknownst to Rogen and his friend who was traveling with him, that was not the case in Amsterdam. 

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As the Canadian star explained to the host:

“They come dried out normally, dehydrated, so you eat like three grams and then you’re pretty messed up for about five hours. But in Amsterdam they were wet, fresh mushrooms, like you’d put in a salad, and so the weight was all off. We bought 60 grams of them, saying, ‘We’ll just split them, it’s water weight, it’s water weight.’ I remember we kept saying that!”

As Rogen continues, the pals then decide to have a picnic in the park and go shopping for the same in a local supermarket, and stock up on the food. However, while they shopped the drugs hit and they began to buy random items like sunscreen, toothpaste, and whatnot.

Seth Rogen as Issac in The Night Before
Seth Rogen as Issac in The Night Before

While all went through, what they didn’t know was that they consumed poisonous mushrooms. It made Rogen sick and paranoid. There was some puking on the streets and disgusting the Dutch people on the streets involved.

It was later in the park that his friend had the light-bulb moment in his drug-influenced brain to get out of Amsterdam.

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Seth Rogen Sobered Up and Found Himself in France

Seth Rogen
Seth Rogen

Doing crazy things when high makes the best story depending on how much one remembers. But Seth Rogen’s might just be the craziest one. Puking on people’s feet is a big one, but changing countries is mighty.

Rogen mentions his friend saying out of nowhere:

“We gotta leave… Bail! Bail!”. And with no objection from equally high Rogen, the pair left for the train station.

The Hollywood star further adds:

“We went to the train station while fully tripping on mushrooms and we bought train tickets to Paris, ’cause it was kinda close. We turned up in Paris in the middle of the night, just as we were sobering up, and I thought: ‘I did so many drugs, I ended up in another country!'”

The undoubtedly hilarious story earned Rogen immense laughter from the audience and hopefully a lesson. 

Seth Rogen is now a proud owner of a cannabis brand in Toronto, Canada, a testament to his affinity for drugs.

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Source: Toronto Sun

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