Since last week, a report has been circulating with a startling claim that Bruno Mars is deeply in $50 million gambling debt to MGM and that he’s using multiple business deals to pay off his debt to the entertainment company.

Bruno Mars
Bruno Mars (Image via his Instagram)

However, a new report has emerged explaining that MGM has debunked the rumors and that the Talking to the Moon singer owes them no money. The company is grateful for a good relationship with Bruno Mars, as they continue their work.

The rumors of Bruno Mars being involved in gambling debt also claimed that the singer allegedly makes around $90 million a year from Casino, but a major part of his earnings is spent paying off the debt and taxes.

MGM Denies Rumors About Bruno Mars’ $50 Million Gambling Debt To The Company

Many celebrated figures from the entertainment world are involved in gambling, but not everyone chooses to be publicly open about it. However, there are instances where many artists are wrongly claimed to be making money through gambling and suffering losses.

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Bruno Mars
Bruno Mars (Image via his Instagram)

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Last week, a report from NewsNation claimed that Bruno Mars is in a $50 million debt to MGM, and is using various business deals to clear out the money.

“He owes millions to the MGM (from gambling)… He makes $90 million a year off of the deal he did with the casino, but then he has to pay back his debt… after taxes (Mars makes $1.5 million per night).”

The outlet mentioned Mars earning around $90 million in a year, and using half of its portion paying taxes and gambling debts. However, MGM has now addressed these rumors and dispelled every claim stating the 24k Magic singer owes them a multi-million debt. In a response to the Las Vegas Review-Journal‘s question about these rumors, the entertainment company said:

“We’re proud of our relationship with Bruno Mars, one of the world’s most thrilling and dynamic performers. From his shows at Dolby Live at Park MGM to the new Pinky Ring lounge at Bellagio, Bruno’s brand of entertainment attracts visitors from around the globe.”

While acknowledging their professional relationship and Bruno Mars’ contribution to MGM, the statement also includes:

“MGM and Bruno’s partnership is longstanding and rooted in mutual respect. Any speculation otherwise is completely false; he has no debt with MGM. Together, we are excited to continue creating unforgettable experiences for our guests.”

MGM’s statement clarifies that the singer hasn’t been involved in such a multi-million gambling debt and those claims by the previous reports are false. Bruno Mars hasn’t commented on these rumors yet, as MGM has already debunked them.

Bruno Mars Revealed Visiting a Casino For First Bet During His Teenage

Bruno Mars
Bruno Mars

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The singer has been open about his gambling habits in the past, and his first bet was at the age of 19 when Bruno Mars visited a casino. The Wake Up in the Sky maker revealed in an interview with GQ while talking about his first experience and said:

“I remember my first bet, my hand was shaking, and a guy called me out on it and embarrassed me.”

Mars eventually lost one hundred dollars on the gamble and said “You just have to lose to win, to understand” explaining that it’s a part of learning how to play.

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