Pirates of the Caribbean actor Johnny Depp waited six years to have his say but the “heinous” abuse claims which have marred his career hardly raised a mention in his court appearance in the $50 million defamation trial against his former wife Amber Heard. During the defamation trial earlier this year, fans–overwhelmingly on Depp’s side–lined up overnight to grab a seat in the courtroom, and finally, the verdicts brought an end to a televised trial that the Pirates of the Caribbean star had hoped would help restore his reputation.

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp

As much as people all over the world criticized the Aquaman star Amber Heard when she lost against his ex-husband in a defamation case this year, Johnny Depp himself wasn’t all saint either. Some documents revealed how Johnny Depp was criticized for his “unprofessional” behavior towards Hollywood execs during his time filming for Pirates of the Caribbean.

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Johnny Depp is being blasted for his ‘drunk and stoned’ behavior

Recently, the documents that resurfaced online revealed how the people’s favorite Johnny Depp lost favor with Hollywood, as well as Disney after his “drunken and stoned” outbursts. The documents elaborated that his outbursts and violent behavior “appeared during the filming of Pirates 5, and Disney told Ms. Jacobs the conduct was not ‘going to be tolerated,’ Disney was ‘not going to put up with this,’ and that ‘there was no love between Johnny and Disney, given the Pirates five situation.”

“Mr. Depp appeared on TV drunk and stoned, to the point that Disney studio executives called Ms. Jacobs asking ‘What the hell was wrong with your client?’”

Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow

Tracy Jacobs, one of the actor’s former agents, also testified that “more than a couple of times” Mr. Depp was so angry at Ms. Jacobs “to the point where it really concerned” her, and that it kept on getting more and more intense as the time passed by.

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Johnny Depp’s team blocked evidence of Disney’s frustration with his behavior

Amber Heard’s team states in the documents that in the lead-up to the trial, Johnny Depp’s paralegal “produced an unidentified document production with password protection, labeled DEPP017, leaving out Ms. Heard’s primary paralegal in the case, and did not disclose it was related to the then in-progress deposition of [Depp’s former agent] Tracey Jacobs.”

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Johhny Depp (right) And Amber Heard (right)
Johnny Depp (left) and Amber Heard (right)

The statement continues that Heard’s attorney, Elaine Bredehoft, “who was already in the process of deposing Ms. Jacobs, did not become aware of this production during the deposition, and even if she had, could not reasonably have read, much less marked and then used these documents. Yet Mr. Depp’s counsel Mr. Chew – who represented Mr. Depp in BOTH of the prior depositions, had already reviewed these transcripts and prepared them and related attached documents for Mr. Depp’s use in the deposition.”

The documents further revealed that if Amber Heard had the same opportunity, she would have been able to elicit highly relevant and damaging information.

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