The world of the cinematic Universe which is ever-evolving and expanding, knows no bounds. Zack Snyder one of the greatest and fans’ favorite directors of all time has served us with stunning screen experiences with his artistic works and talent. Snyder sets the stage to make a key distinction clear as interest in his upcoming Netflix film grows. This isn’t another story from the remote reaches of the Star Wars universe.

upcoming Rebel Moon
Rebel Moon

Zack Snyder claimed that Rebel Moon would respond to the common complaint that Star Wars frequently returns to Tatooine. Snyder’s science fiction epic was once a proposal for a more somber Star Wars movie that Lucasfilm finally rejected before being picked up by Disney.

Zack Snyder’s Approach to Navigating a Common Star Wars Issue in Rebel Moon

Rebel Moon Upcoming on Netflix
Rebel Moon

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In a conversation with Screen Rant, Zack Synder described how his new movie seeks to avoid a common criticism leveled by Star Wars. In Rebel Moon, each globe will have its own aesthetic identity that is attained in a variety of ways, such as through using distinctive clothing and varied topography. This strategy contrasts sharply with the prevalent dynamic in Star Wars, where the story frequently revolves around Tatooine, a remote desert planet that appears to control the plot of the whole galaxy.

“I always laugh that in Star Wars, it just so happens that the native costumes of this weird Tatooine, this weird planet in the middle of nowhere, happen to be the fashion of the entire universe.”

From Synder’s perspective, crucial issues like identifying the nature of the universe and imagining the features of the home planet are involved in creating a science fiction movie. He elaborates on this idea by stating that there are other alternatives, including the possibility for characters to wear neon jumpsuits or go in other creative directions. He uses various instances to demonstrate this, alluding to ideas from 1984 or other possible scenarios. Synder concludes his viewpoint by stating that he prefers to anchor his cinematic works in materials drawn from earthly surroundings.

Rebel Moon is  Zack Snyder’s Two-Part Netflix Space Opera

Netflix Rebel Moon
Rebel Moon Movie

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Zack Snyder is ready to return to original filmmaking after a period during which he imprinted the DC Universe with his distinctive and contentious touch. The focus of interest is on Rebel Moon, his planned, two-part space epic for Netflix, which is scheduled to debut this Christmas. A wholly Snyder-created science fiction universe may be found within this work of film. While embracing the independence of his imaginative world, Snyder hasn’t been afraid to acknowledge the enormous influence that figures like Akira Kurosawa and George Lucas have had on his work. Many people believe that Rebel Moon represents Snyder’s original vision of a space epic similar to the Star Wars story as a result of this acknowledgment.

The producer of Rebel Moon, Eric Newman, revealed during a Q&A session with fans that Zack Snyder’s prior Star Wars effort with Lucasfilm served as the inspiration for the picture. This previous undertaking was influenced by Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai. Newman admitted that he kept the idea even after the project had to be shelved. He acknowledged his delight at Snyder freeing it from the constraints of the preexisting Star Wars world and turning it into an independent picture.

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Rebel Moon: Part One – A Child of Fire premieres on Dec. 22, 2023.

Source: ScreenRant

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