With the rough critical and fan reviews, it’s pretty clear that the conclusion of Fox’s X-Men Saga called X-Men: Dark Phoenix is a bit of an underwhelming send off for the X-Men franchise which as a whole has been hitting theatres since the year 2000. This is likely partly due to the fact that that the team did not necessarily know when crafting the film that Disney would take over and the X-Men franchise would be radically changed going forward.

It may also be the result of drastic reshoots as a result of having an original ending similar to another female led movie which was released this year (the name rhymes with Zaptain Zarvel).

The ending of Dark Phoenix and Captain Marvel was rumoured to be similar.
The ending of Dark Phoenix and Captain Marvel were rumoured to be similar.

Still, the movie might leave a few fans wondering what exactly happened, where it came from, or just completely blank because they skipped it after seeing the reviews. So we are here to ensure that you get your Dark Phoenix ending explained shot.

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Brace Yourself, Major Spoilers Ahead For X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

What Was The X-Men: Dark Phoenix Ending?

By the end of X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Jean Grey had taken on the Phoenix Force and used it as a means to eliminate the alien threat which was essentially hoping to end life on earth and use the planet for themselves. Jean Grey took Jessica Chastain’s Vuk villain high into the sky where she unleashed the Force and ultimately sacrificed herself to kill the villain once and for all.

Jean Grey ultimately kills Jessica Chastain's villain
Jean Grey ultimately kills Jessica Chastain’s villainous character

From there on, Professor X and Magneto met outside of a café and played a game of chess together. The scenery was symbolic of the characters’ history together, both past and future, as it is often a chess match with one evaluating the other and determining their next move.

The final frame of the movie offers up a shot of the Phoenix flying through the sky above Erik and Charles, symbolically indicating that Jean rose up from the ashes as Scott said to her earlier in the movie. Now, she is responsible for their continued life and might be looking after them.

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How Is Dark Phoenix’s Ending Different From One In The Comicbooks?

The ending seems to be a combination of a couple of different comic book stories. In the Dark Phoenix Saga story by Chris Claremont (which served as the overall inspiration for the movie), Jean sacrifices herself after a heartfelt goodbye to Scott Summers. The sacrifice was made to preserve human life and stop the Phoenix Force from causing more damage to earth.

In the original comicbook ending Jean sacrifices her life as well.
In the original comicbook ending Jean sacrifices her life as well.

But the ending of the movie offers up vibes of Avengers vs X-Men comic in which Professor X uses his mental powers to fight Scott Summers and prevent the Phoenix Force from consuming him. Ultimately, Professor X sacrifices himself and Scott becomes more powerful as a result.

A thing to consider while analyzing the ending is that given the loose nature of this X-Men Canon, it’s unclear whether or not these characters go on to live out the stories seen in the earlier X-Men movies which take place in their future. X-Men: Days of Future Past and Deadpool 2 may have spawned alternate timelines but those are a headache which only lead to unanswerable questions.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is now playing in theatres.

(Source: comicbook.com and forbes.com)

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