Hollywood filmmaker Jordan Peele recalled his frequent collaborator Daniel Kaluuya by comparing him with Goodfellas legend however fans have different opinions. Peele and Kaluuya had worked together in 2017’s Get Out which received widespread critical acclaim for its screenplay, direction, acting, and social critiques. That movie was a box office success grossing $255 million worldwide on a $4.5 million budget that became the tenth-most profitable film of 2017.

Jorden Peele and Daniel Kaluuya
Jordan Peele and Daniel Kaluuya

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The duo is one of the best collaborators in the Hollywood industry that previously garnered attention with ‘Get Out’attention and once again coming up with the forthcoming ‘Nope’ that will be released this month.

Jordan Peele Recalls Telling Daniel Kaluuya, ‘You’re my De Niro’

Hollywood Filmmaker Jordan Peele and Actor Daniel Kaluuya
Hollywood Filmmaker Jordan Peele and Actor Daniel Kaluuya

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In an interview with Empire magazine, Peele recalled telling Kaluuya about being his “De Niro” while they were on the sets of ‘Get Out.’ He said, “It’s so funny, but by the point I was in the middle of [shooting] Get Out, that’s what I was telling him. I was like[makes serious eye contact], ‘You’re my De Niro, man. You’re my De Niro. The 43-year-old filmmaker called the actor ‘De Niro’ as a reference as actor Robert De Niro has worked on many projects with filmmaker Martin Scorsese throughout their careers.

He also shared how he told he needed the actor to be working with him in the future as he knew Kaluuya’s potential, “I was like, ‘I need you to be in the future ones too, man!’ You could just tell what we had in him as a performer, from the very beginning.”

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For Peele, Get Out was special that helped him bond with Kaluuya where both the celebrities went through the same journey. The filmmaker shared, “Get Out was first big movie he was a lead-in, and it was my directorial debut. We bonded because we went through that together.”

Fans’ Reaction To Jordan Peele Calling Daniel Kaluuya as ‘De Niro’

Hollywood Filmmaker Jordan Peele and Actor Daniel Kaluuya
Fans reacted to Jordan Peele comparing Daniel Kaluuya to actor Robert De Niro

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Though Peele had a special bond with the actor and wants to work with him in the future, fans shared a different opinion from the filmmaker who wants to look more at the duo’s performance when Peele compared the actor to Robert De Niro.

Check out the tweets below.

Get Out is an exceptional movie with Peele made history in 2018 when the movie received Oscar nominations in Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor for Kaluuya, while Peele received the Best Original Screenplay at the time. However, despite Kaluuya’s spectacular performance, Jordan Peele’s Robert De Niro comparison has drawn the irk of the fans considering the legendary status of the Goodfellas actor and his collaboration with the maestro, Martin Scorsese.

The duo is coming together for Nope, a sci-fi horror flick directed by Peele and starring Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, Steven Yeun, Brandon Perea, Michael Wincott, and Barbie Ferreira.

Nope will be released in theatres on July 22.

Source: Empire

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