The Gran Turismo video game franchise is finally getting a movie. Polyphony Digital created the Gran Turismo racing simulation video game series for the PlayStation. The franchise was a success when the first game for the original PlayStation was launched in 1997. Gran Turismo has been a mainstay racing series in video games for almost the entire duration of its franchise existence.

Sony's new Gran Turismo trailer depicts a battle against all odds
Sony’s new Gran Turismo

Sony Pictures brought the video game adaptations to life. Fans have been excited to watch the film set to release this month. The film is already playing in selected theaters and will be available widely on August 25. Gran Turismo has many racing scenes, and the plot revolves around that. However, the editor of the Sony video game adaptation revealed insights about Gran Turismo.

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Gran Turismo editor sheds light on the intense racing scenes

Gran Turismo Movie Trailer
A still from Gran Turismo Movie

Sony has been leading the charge in the recent craze for video game adaptations, and Gran Turismo is the new film from the network. Although the renowned racing series from Sony has never been known for its plots but rather for its incredible attention to detail, a brand-new story is taking shape to help the game leap to the big screen. The intense racing scenes are the most important part of the film. However, Colby Parker Jr., the editor for Gran Turismo, revealed they had to rely highly on VFX, especially for showing the racing scenes.

The editor sat down with The Direct’s Russ Milheim, and shed light on how heavy CGI was needed to pull off the film. He claimed that the audience might not have figured out that the racing adventure was a big VFX film. Parker said,

“This was a big VFX film… a lot of the cars weren’t going fast enough in certain scenes. So we had to find plates and strategically do all CGI cars in certain scenes. You know, not for whole races, but we had to strategically do that.”

He further added how the director suggested putting little labels that resembled the leaderboard graphics from the game the movie is based on above the cars to assist viewers in keeping track of all the players. The usage of what the filmmakers called “gamer vision” was another instance when the VFX helped to bridge the gap between the game series and its adaptation.

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Everything to know about Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo movie delayed in US, Europe and UK stay on track
A still from Gran Turismo

The most recent of numerous planned video game adaptations by Sony Pictures and PlayStation Studios is Gran Turismo. The film was designed by Sony to be a coming-of-age sports biopic. The video game series doesn’t have any characters or a plot because it’s entirely about driving and racing. Sony deftly exploits the PlayStation Studios name by portraying the true story of Jann Mardenborough. 

The inspiration for the video game Gran Turismo is the story of a group of unlikely underdogs, including a struggling working-class gamer, a failed racecar driver, and an idealistic motorsport executive. Together, they stake everything on competing in the world’s most competitive sport.

The cast of the film includes Archie Madekwe, David Harbour, Orlando Bloom, Djimon Hounsou, Darren Barnet, and many others.

Gran Turismo is now playing in select theaters and will receive a proper worldwide release on August 25.

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Source: The Direct

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