One of the most eagerly awaited films, The Flash, released on 15th July, failed to do well at the box office. The film received a lot of criticism from the very beginning. Be it Ezra Miller’s legal troubles or the film’s frequent changes in writers and directors. There were still problems even after director Andy Muschietti joined and finally got the movie made.

The Flash Web3 Movie Experience Gives DC Fans Multimedia
The Flash

The Flash centers around Barry Allen’s effort to return to his early years. He wants to stop his mother’s murder and his father’s subsequent false accusation. Despite the interesting plot and the film bringing in various characters from the multiverse, it failed to impress the audience. However, one particular scene still somehow managed to stand out.

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Fans praise The Flash for one thing

The Flash movie review: Double-Barry adventure barely registers
The Flash

The Flash, starring Ezra Miller, turned out to be a box office failure for DC Studios, earning only $268 million globally. The exploits of Barry Allen, who this time travels back in time to save his family using his superpowers, did little to pique audience interest in the film. One moment did, however, manage to stick out in some way.

The Flash had many cameos and brought back many characters from the multiverse. A particular debate about Barry’s moving scene with Batman was surfacing online. 

The Flash convinces Batman to come out of retirement in the movie’s storyline to free a Kryptonian who has been imprisoned. As a result, Michael Keaton‘s Bruce Wayne made a comeback in the Tim Burton universe. Barry’s time-meddling pulled Keaton from the 89 Earth into his. 

Fans loved that it wasn’t the 1989 Keaton. He’s a variant created by a timeline that was never meant to exist. But for a brief moment, it did. A fan shared a post on X that read, “Barry brought him out of retirement for one last battle.”

It was followed by others appreciating the scene:

The Flash also had a cameo appearance as Ben Affleck‘s Batman, who served as a father figure for Barry, guiding him and giving him a very important life lesson.

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The Flash lands on a streaming service

The Flash: Warner Bros. is Keeping Its Ending Secret
The Flash

Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) goes back in time to stop his mother’s death in The Flash, DC’s cinematic entry into the multiverse. The disruption of the timeline caused by Barry’s actions forces him to confront various characters from the multiverse.

The Flash drew criticism from the audience for its wonky CGI and convoluted story-telling. The Flash‘s theatrical run ended with a disappointing box office, earning only $268 million globally. 

From July 18, The Flash was available to rent and/or purchase on demand and now the film has finally landed on a streaming service.

The Flash is now available to stream on Max for subscribers.

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