Our favorite Marvel franchise never fails to surprise up. It always comes up with some or the other thing that rows their boat at best. So does the existence of Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He is said to be an asset in MCU for several reasons, and one obviously will have a hard time counting them.

However, one reason is that he has been in some of the MCU’s most iconic action moments and is frequently the most memorable aspect of those sequences himself. To help you applaud some of the most iconic fighting sequences that Spidey has been a part of, we have ranked a number of them.

The Lizard (The Amazing Spider-Man)

The Lizard- Best Spider-Man Fights In The MCU, Ranked
The Lizard

Overall, The Amazing Spider-Man was a fantastic film, but the final battle was really underwhelming. Because the conflict was neither unique nor memorable, it is placed in the fifth position. It placed the three Spider-Mans against the monstrous Lizard, yet it was far from dull. In combat, the Lizard is still frightening and cool. All three Spider-Mans wanted to help their foes be cured and redeemed, and they eventually assisted Dr. Curt Connors in shedding his Lizard form. The Lizard approached Peter’s companions MJ and Ned at one time, which was a terrible encounter for the latter. The darkness of practically every shot wasn’t terrific, and freezing the Lizard simply so he could be shot at correctly seemed clumsy and lame, given how inventive and wacky the Spider-Man comics can get.

Mysterio (Spider-Man: Far From Home)

Spider-Man: Far From Home - Best Spider-Man Fights In The MCU, Ranked
Spider-Man: Far From Home

Some fans adored Spider-Man: Far From Home’s final battle, while others despised it. Although the revelation that Mysterio‘s confrontations with the Elementals were only drone projections was creative and unusual, it also seemed a bit shallow because this twist all but indicates that there were no stakes to talk about before the final clash. Mysterio is a good villain, and Jake Gyllenhaal plays him well. Spidey’s last encounter with him, on the other hand, leaves a lot of room for improvement. While it’s visually appealing to see Spider-Man take on Mysterio’s drones with his best acrobatics, the stakes in this battle scene stand in stark contrast to those in previous flicks.

Green Goblin (Spider-Man)

Green Goblin - Best Spider-Man Fights In The MCU, Ranked
Green Goblin

This was Spidey’s first big final showdown on the big screen, and it delivered on the whole. While it may not be as showy as later films, the fact that it isn’t overly reliant on CGI really adds to the reality of the fight. It’s live-recorded fare after Spidey and Goblin start fighting in the abandoned structure, which is unusual for the genre lately. It successfully twists your stomach seeing Goblin overpower a wounded Spider-Man. The scene’s emotions are intensified by Peter’s ripped mask, which allows us to witness his suffering as he is thrashed by his nemesis. The scene’s emotions are heightened by Peter’s ripped mask, which allows us to witness his suffering as he is thrashed by his foe. This fight wraps up Peter’s character arc in the film.

Kingpin & Others (Into The Spider-Verse)

Into the Spider-Verse - Best Spider-Man Fights In The MCU, Ranked
Into the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse completely surpassed everyone’s expectations, and it went on to become one of the best superhero and animation films of all time. The storyline was fantastic, and the animation technique and color scheme were stunning. The final battle was the best demonstration of this. From the beginning, audiences were enthralled by this conflict, which pitted every incarnation of Spider-Man against Kingpin and his henchmen. Even greater, the whole existence of reality was in jeopardy! All of this contributed to the last act of Into The Spider-Verse being a lot of fun, which is exactly what these kinds of movies should be.

Doctor Strange (No Way Home)

No Way Home - Best Spider-Man Fights In The MCU, Ranked
No Way Home

At one time, Spider-Man and his mentor fought because the two heroes couldn’t agree on how to deal with the five villains who had ended up in the MCU. Doctor Strange was happy with sending the villains someplace to die, but Spider-Man disagreed and snatched the magic cube at the last possible moment. Doctor Strange pursued Spider-Man through a mirror universe, employing every trick in his arsenal to confuse his young adversary and reclaim the cube. This encounter was a visual treat that demonstrated Doctor Strange’s abilities. In the end, Spider-Man employed complex math to weave up some complicated webs and trap Doctor Strange by using the environment against him. Peter was correct: sometimes, geometry really can beat magic!

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