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Since the first moment the lead actor was revealed, the Blue Beetle movie has been in the news. This movie, a significant milestone, boldly announced the first Latino star as a superhero and brought new representation to the big screen. In a strange turn of events within DC Studios, under the leadership of James Gunn and Peter Safran, speculation over the future course of Blue Beetle was created. Blue Beetle was originally planned for HBO Max as part of the DC Extended Universe’s new direction. The movie was released in theatres today.

Blue Beetle
Blue Beetle

Jaime Reyes, the main character, returns to his hometown after college. He finds a weird scarab that chose Reyes as his new host. He gets superpowers and as a result, becomes a superhero. The dynamic performance of Xolo Maridueña’s Blue Beetle will be seen again, as confirmed by the co-heads of DC Studios. Additionally, the post-credit scenes’ suggestions are fueling a lot of interest.

Blue Beetle has two post-credits scenes

Be prepared to be amazed because Blue Beetle will treat its audience to not one but two suspenseful post-credit scenes. Even the most enthusiastic fans will stay seated long after the film’s dramatic end thanks to the appeal of two post-credit scenes.

The suspenseful conclusion of Blue Beetle, which is nicely tucked away in the middle of the credits, is soon followed by the first post-credits scene. The suspense is maintained with a further tag that is subtly inserted at the very end of the credits. The post-credit trend has been going on for a while now in Hollywood. It was initially started by Marvel with its 2008 Iron Man movie.

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Blue Beetle
Blue Beetle

These post-credit scenes are sufficient to arouse curiosity about the direction the plot will go or serve as a segue to the sequel. The first credit scene gives a hint at the possible course of the Blue Beetle story. It also raises hope that there will be a Blue Beetle 2. But there’s more as this scenario might connect with other eagerly awaited DC Universe projects, heightening the suspense. The end-credits scene, though, while a little less serious, promises a big dose of fun.

A major Justice League character is brought back in the post-credits scene

The first post-credits scene in Blue Beetle presents a startling revelation. Ted Kord, the original Blue Beetle, and a major Justice League character is still alive and well. Ted Kord, who was once the head of Kord Industries, and the father of Jennifer, mysteriously disappeared. Ted’s strange disappearance took place when he was looking into the secrets of the scarab. The focus is on his Beetle Nest when the post-credit scene starts, where keen observers will spot a mannequin without the Blue Beetle costume.

Ted’s computer is the source of the captivating message at the center of the post-credits scene. The message begins with a simple “Hello?” It then develops into a sincere appreciation as he expresses his gratitude for turning on his computer, an act that Jaime, Jennifer, and Rudy Reyes inadvertently carried out. As the message develops, it shows a father pleading with the person who receives the message to inform his daughter that he is alive. The scene before the credits concludes with the speaker’s statement, “Ted Kord is alive.”

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Ted Kord
Ted Kord

Jaime and Jennifer travel to the Kord Estate at the end of the movie, a step that might take them back to the Beetle Nest. Ted Kord’s presence in the post-credit scene may be a segue for Blue Beetle 2. It will allow Jennifer and Jaime to solve the riddle of Ted’s 15-year absence.

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