Death Eaters were initially the “disliked” characters in Harry Potter. As the plot developed, we started realizing many of them are braver than others. They were courageous and even stood up against Voldemort which showed their redemption.

Death Eaters are no doubt the villains of the series and a few do not even deserve any redemption. However, a few show character development meaning they have learned from their previous mistakes. They have hopefully, become better persons (at least the ones who aren’t dead)


1. Severus Snape


Many fans think that Snape isn’t courageous; rather is a coward for killing Dumbledore. But you can’t deny the fact that Dumbledore saw it coming. As Snape gave Harry his tears at the end of the Deathly Hallows Part Two, fans could witness all that had happened. Dumbledore always knew of Snape’s involvement and had asked Snape to kill him.

Snape has proved to be the bravest Death Eater since even though he was with the Order, he was also a double agent for Dumbledore. Despite his disloyalty, he was the most redeemable Death Eater and the bravest one as well. He did everything to protect all those he ever loved, including Harry Potter. We all ugly cried there, didn’t we?


2. Draco Malfoy

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Draco has one of the most interesting character development in the Harry Potter series. But he changed sides at the Battle of Hogwarts after Harry saved him in the Room of Requirement. He did walk back to Voldemort, reluctantly but that is because he thought Harry is dead. Once it is known that Harry is alive, he leaves with his parents.

Even in the first Deathly Hallow, Draco doesn’t tell Bellatrix about Harry’s whereabouts after Hermione used a spell on his face. We see him regretting his choice to become a Death Eater. He did all this to gain approval from his father. He even supports the Pure Blood ideology but doesn’t agree with their philosophy of killing everyone.


3. Bellatrix Lestrange

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Well yes, Bellatrix did do something cowardly at the end of Order of Pheonix when Voldemort and Dumbeldore reveal themselves at the Ministry of Magic. She ran off. But unlike Wormtail, her cowardice balances out her usual bravery; especially when it comes to her desire to kill anyone.

She died passionately for her cause and was one of those brave ones who stood by Voldemort. She spent years in Azkaban when others claimed to have been “cursed” and were forced to follow him.


4. Lucius Malfoy


Lucius is an interesting character and was brave enough to walk away in the battle at Hogwarts. After years, he finally chose his family over Voldemort.

This particular scene shows his character development for himself and he is also trying to be a better person for maybe his son by leaving Voldemort. He had never been able to do this in his past. Even when it came to Draco, Lucius wanted him to lose his innocence and childhood and become a Death Eater to serve “Lord Voldemort”


5. Regulus Black

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Regulus aka Sirius Black’s younger brother was a fearless supporter of Voldemort at the beginning of his reign. But when he came to know that Voldemort was creating Horcruxes, he stole a Horcrux. But was eventually killed by an Inferi.

After he stole it and hid it from Voldemort, by doing this he not only turned against Voldemort but also actually fought him. This makes him braver than the credit he gets for. He couldn’t destroy it, but he still is one of the bravest Death Eaters in Harry Potter.

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