Cole Sprouse recently talked about the massive respect he has for Adam Sandler‘s career, and what he said did point out that Sandler is, really, the perfect entertainer. Sprouse, alongside his brother Dylan, worked with Sandler on Big Daddy (1990), where he played a boy who somehow finds himself in the care of Sandler. Since then, Cole Sprouse has gone on to get a lot of success with his roles in shows like Moonshot and Riverdale.

Cole Sprouse
Cole Sprouse had a lot of words of appreciation for Adam Sandler’s career

During this time, most of Adam Sandler‘s films have achieved a lot of box office success but the same titles often get poor critical reception. While Sandler‘s work is mostly dismissed by critics, he has gone on to achieve some critical success in the recent past. His role in Uncut Gems was pretty well-received by the critics, which does prompt a critical re-analysis of his overall work.

Riverdale Star Cole Sprouse Is Full of Admiration For Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler in the critically acclaimed Uncet Gems
Adam Sandler in Uncut Gems

Even after over two decades of Big Daddy, actor Cole Sprouse is still full of praise for Adam Sandler‘s career, even going on to share how much he admires the career of his former co-star. He also added that Sandler has “a really, really wonderful balance between art and commerce that I think is the currency of a real working actor.” Sprouse then revealed that Sandler is “walking that line beautifully and he’s raising up all of his friends at the same time, which I think is incredible.” Sprouse’s comments do highlight a fact that’s very often overlooked: Adam Sandler’s box office appeal. While Sandler’s talent as an actor is finally being acknowledged in a more proper way, his popularity among Netflix‘s audience and overall status as a box office earner is often ignored very often, especially with regard to his slightly less popular films. Apart from this, Sandler’s persistent use of frequent collaborators and work ethic also prove the amount of balance the actor has struck.

While Adam’s taste for collaborating with his real-life friends regularly has gone on to become quite a joke among Sandler’s detractors, it does tell a lot about his overall personality and approach to work. It would also appear that Sandler understands that not all films can be a hit among the critics, nor do they need to be – many of Sandler’s movies are often made for those viewers who appreciate a more simple fare. By collaborating with his own friends, Sandler makes full use of their real-life comedic chemistry and even has a lot of fun while doing so, which allows him to both, create something entertaining and also, enjoy his work at the same time.

How Adam Sandler Is The Most ‘Versatile’ Entertainer In Hollywood

Adam Sandler
Adam Sandler

There are many of Sandler’s comedies that are often dismissed as very simple by critics, but somehow they’ve achieved lasting popularity, securing Sandler’s place among the most hard-working actors ever. The legacy created by Adam Sandler is one of a true entertainer, with a balance of entertainment and artistic expression. If we factor in Sandler’s stand-up comedy and musical abilities too, he stands as one of the most versatile performers in Hollywood presently.

While we agree that Sandler is really underrated, Cole Sprouse’s open admiration of his career highlights how the comic actor is often viewed by his peers: a widely successful and hard-working entertainer.

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