Aaron Carter was the gem of a personality and a singer before his untimely death in November last year. The American singer made a lot of headlines a few months ago when Grammy decided to omit his name from the In Memoriam segment.

The In Memoriam segment of the Grammy Awards takes place every year in which everyone pays their tributes to the singer and the musicians who left the world with their untimely death. When Carter’s name was not mentioned in the segment, it greatly enraged his fans.

Aaron Carter
Aaron Carter

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Aaron Carter listed a home for sale several times before he died. The singer wanted to sell his Lancaster residence and wanted to move in somewhere else. However, the singer mysteriously died in the bathtub of the same residence that he wanted to sell. According to recent sources, his real-estate agent has listed the place again for sale.

Aaron Carter died mysteriously in his bathtub back in November

Back in November last year, Aaron Carter was found dead in the bathtub of his Lancaster residence. The musician was allegedly dead for some time in the bathtub before his body was found by his housekeeper. Carter had struggled with substance and drug abuse in the past. The police also found some prescription pills at the scene which led them to believe that the singer might even have died of an overdose. However, the autopsy results from the scene are still pending therefore the cause of death could not be confirmed.

Aaron Carter
Aaron Carter

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The I Want Candy singer’s home is up for sale again after his death

Aaron Carter allegedly bought the Lancaster residence back in 2019 for almost $430,000. According to sources, the Crush on You singer tried to sell his home several times before his untimely death. Carter allegedly listed the 4,131-square-foot property for $779,900 a week before he died unexpectedly. Carter’s real estate agent has listed the place for sale again and increased the price to almost $850,000. According to TMZ, all the money that is made from this sale will go directly into, “Aaron’s estate, and into a trust for his 1-year-old son, Prince“.

Aaron Carter
Aaron Carter

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The bathroom that the singer died in is being completely remodeled and the real-estate agent is confident that she will be able to sell the house soon. Although the bathroom is still under renovation, some probable buyers have already started touring the place.

Source: TMZ

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