Disney+ just recently unveiled its streaming services on November 12, 2019. But now, as Disney has launched it’s streaming services, people are keen on comparing it with Netflix. Though before trying to compare it to Netflix, one should note that the users of streaming services faced login issues with the app. Though, this is partially due to millions of users trying to log into the app. Keeping all of this aside, we will now compare the two services based on a variety of factors like:


Classics like Cinderella are available for streaming on Disney+.

This is one of the hardest categories one can rate. Yet only one can be declared a winner. Disney+ streaming services launches all the classic hits from the 90s. The streaming services include classics like Bambi and Cinderella, new Marvel series like WandaVision, and Hawkeye, which are yet to launch and the entire Star Wars franchises. We couldn’t have asked for better shows from the streaming services.

Netflix Original Series Stranger Things has acquired a huge fanbase.

But then there is Netflix, and that’s when the real competition arises. Netflix has all sorts of original series such as Stranger Things, Daredevil, and Lost in Space. The new series is preferred more than The Mandalorian and the new High School Musical series. Netflix also has licensed content such as The Office, Friends, and thousands of movies. Although Netflix does have an impressive collection of series, shows like Gargoyles or Darkwing Duck can be watched with a few clicks of the remote. Disney+ has an advantage when it comes to the content.

Quality Streaming & Personalization

Quality Streaming & Personalization
Gargoyles is quick to become a fan favorite.

Disney+ has a list with numerous 4K UHD offerings, whereas Netflix has hundreds of titles available for streaming. So, quality streaming wise Netflix is a clear winner against Disney+. Though it is pretty easy to create your account, both services allow you to create separate profiles for your family members.

Quality Streaming & Personalization
Disney+ seems to have some algorithms issue.

However, it seems Disney+ has some issues with the algorithms. Even after watching different Marvel movies along with episodes of Gargoyles and the Mandalorian, the recommended list didn’t quite get updated. The recommended for you section shows you Gordon Ramsay Uncharted, Free Solo, and Kristen Bell’s Encore! So it seems Netflix is a clear winner with the updated recommended list. 

Disney+ offers $6.99 per month against Netflix submitting basic subscription at $8.99 and Standard at $12.99. Well, Disney+ wins big time when it comes to prices. However, Netflix seems to be superior amongst the two. Though, Disney+ can deliver more when it starts rolling out original content. 

Source: Comicbook

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