When you take a look at some of Marvel’s mentally disturbed heroes, it’s hard to not notice that Moon Knight happens to be one of them. Both the character and his series have been plagued by his issues which stem from Dissociative Identity Disorder. It’s hard to tell whether or not this will continue to be the trend moving forward, but at present, we are seeing an argument over whether or not the different personalities are manifestations of the Egyptian God. One thing remains clear: no matter what happens to Moon Knight or what personality he takes on, he is always capable of defending himself against bad guys. With that being said, here’s every Moon Knight personality, ranked as per their usefulness in a battle –

Khonshu In Moon Knight

This is a highly debated topic. While many people have no qualms in counting Khonshu as a part of Moon Knight’s personality, it is still uncertain if Khonshu is really a God whispering scathing advice in Marc Spector’s ear or just another personality after all. Nevertheless, it seems that Khonshu is the most powerful entity within the Moon Knight world and has played enough of an integral role in the origins to deserve a mention within this discussion on the various identities of Marc Spector.

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Steven Grant

Moon Knight is a multi-faceted hero who switches costumes regularly. He needs money to keep the spandex flowing, but he doesn’t have time to invest in stocks. This is exactly the point where Steven Grant comes into play. One could consider him Moon Knight’s “Bruce Wayne” – only more calculating and not as fantastically wealthy. This personality deals with the public a lot and draws up most of the licensing deals while Marc Spector takes care of most of the villainous activity. While undoubtedly important to Moon Knight’s deeds, he isn’t an incredibly skilled fighter, often choosing to let one of his other personalities step forward in that regard.


Jake Lockley

Jake personifies the bitter side of himself that’s tired of all the beatings he has taken in his life. Lockley is an indispensable resource for the criminal underworld, given his insights into cutting-edge implications and inspiration on matters committed by Moon Knight or Spector. It’s never echoed rightly in place, but Jake Lockley is easily the most dangerous personality.

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Marc Spector In Moon Knight

The primary identity, Marc Spector, is both skilled and troubled. As a result of the extensive combat training he has endured over the years, Marc can use that skill to his advantage. Simply put, all of their combat abilities can be traced back to combat expertise from Marc’s days as a marine.


Mr. Knight

Mr. Knight is basically a personality created to deal with the police better. He basically takes on all the same personality traits that Moon Knight has, only he is much less violent than Marc Spector and he wields a truncheon instead of any sophisticated gadgets. With that being said, he could be very useful in a battle as Mr. Knight has reached an understanding of what civilians expect from the police.

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Moon Knight

It’s difficult for us to describe the Moon Knight’s personality due to his fragile mental state which might lead one to think that his psyche is somewhat pretentious (which we don’t deny either). However, there’s no denying that he possesses some fantastic attributes even though a lot of them are considered somewhat ambiguous. The effects of his godlike powers can be debated but at times he does indeed have superhuman strength, sharp eyesight, an incredible will, and an indomitable drive – because let’s face it, the people he hunts have on more than one occasion caused harm to the people around him.


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