The fifth episode of the new Marvel series Moon Knight opens with Steven and Marc Spector (portrayed by Oscar Isaac) being confronted by an Egyptian maternity deity (Taweret) who is not letting our wacky hero leave through the door. The episode starts exactly where the last one left us, so avid fans will find themselves jumping back into the absurd madness.

Moon Knight Episode 5 is now streaming exclusively in Disney+
Moon Knight Episode 5 is now streaming exclusively in Disney+


What Happened In Moon Knight Episode 5?

Taweret has special insights and knows more about what’s really going on than our modern-day protagonists do. She has got some bad news for our dissociative duo, who are understandably skeptical. She reveals that they died and are presently trapped in surreal hospital environments while sailing through the “Field of Reeds.” In this regard, Marc cannot accept this fact and accepts that this is just another hallucination.

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Oscar Isaac in Moon Knight Episode 5
Oscar Isaac in Moon Knight Episode 5

When the mercenary gets caught in a trap and believes he’s dead, Tawaret tells him he has to figure out how to balance their heart because they won’t be allowed back on earth for good until that. Marc asks if there’s any way to fix it with her help. Tawaret replies if the scales of their life can be balanced then maybe. To help keep the show’s story on track, Marc Spector and Steven Grant hop through their shared memories. This journey of shared memory serves as the narrative backbone of this particular episode.

Moon Knight Episode 5 Revealed Why Marc Has DID

It’s hard to get a story about the lead character to work dramatically, but for the most part, this episode still manages to get it done. It helps to acknowledge that two characters are playing differently, but it ultimately falls on the shoulders of one man to be a one-man show. The episode works as a character piece, which is good because if not, then this would be a pretty boring story filled with nothing but gore scenes and exposition.

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Marc and Steven in Moon Knight Episode 5
Marc and Steven in Moon Knight Episode 5

The twists make a terrifying journey into the mind so much more and add even more depth to this show. Soon, Moon Knight’s episode 5 reveals that the reason why Marc has DID is his mother. The mid-episode shows a segment where Marc gets physically and mentally abused by his mother after the death of his brother. And apparently, Steven was there only to fulfill that desire to escape the world full of abuse.

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As the episode closes, we witness Steven falling into a dune and appearing to die for a split second. Marc finds Osiris wishing that his father could rest in peace before he too heads off to ancient Egyptian heaven. With that being said, next week is going to be a big finale, and so far they haven’t left us hanging when it comes to cliffhangers like this. All things considered, this was a good episode that explores the lead character’s backstory just like Jim Carrey’s psycho-drama masterpiece, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

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