The love for FRIENDS, one of the most successful sitcoms in TV history, hasn’t waned even after 27 years. The gags, the bonding and the ships are just as cherished even today. And who can forget the most wholesome ship of the show; Mondler. The relationship between Monica Geller, played by Courteney Cox and Chandler Bing, played by Matthew Perry, was a classic example of the ‘best friends to lovers’ arc.

A Classic best friends-to-lovers arc

Theirs was a beautiful, relatable and stable romance unlike Ross Geller (David Schwimmer) and Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) who were on a break on and off throughout the show before reuniting for good in the last episode of the show’s final season. The chemistry between Chandler and Monica had fans swooning and inevitably hoping that they might be dating in real life too, owing to the natural chemistry they shared on screen.

Husband on-screen, Pining Lover off-screen

Well, guess what… Matthew Perry did have real feelings for Cox at a time. During an old interview with the Us Weekly, a source close to Matthew Perry revealed that the actor was deeply in love with Courteney Cox and was unable to get over her. The source said, “Matthew’s always been in love with her. Any girl he’s tried to date looked similar to Courteney.” The source concluded by saying Matthew “has never fully been able to get over her”.

Matthew Perry has “always been in love with” Courteney Cox

Sadly for Perry, he could never have a relationship or confess his feelings to Courteney Cox in real life. But he did a great job as her husband on friends and really did set some husband goals along the way. Chandler and Monica went from being friends to lovers to spouses to parents of a pair of twins they adopted, in the course of 10 seasons. Matthew Perry also once claimed, “I was very lucky to marry Courteney Cox. Even on TV.”

Mondler wedding
Matthew Perry once claimed he was ” very lucky to marry Courteney Cox, even on TV”

Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry: Respective dating histories

The Scream actress was first married to David Arquette from 1999 to 2013. She then started dating her current boyfriend, Johnny McDaid. On the other hand, Matthew has had relationships with Yasmine Bleeth, Chandler’s on-screen crush from Baywatch, Julia Roberts, who had a hilarious cameo on the show as well, Lizzy Caplan whom he dated for a long six years, and Molly Hurwitz, with whom Perry had announced his engagement in 2020 but broke up with, in 2021.

Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox
Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox continue to stay good friends

The cast of FRIENDS last met in an HBO Max reunion special, “The one where they get back together” and reminisced the moments spent while shooting the hit sitcom for 10 years. The nostalgic reunion special was a hit.

Apart from FRIENDS, the Mondler duo was also seen together on Cougar Town.

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Source: Us Weekly

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