The Rum Diary actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are one of the tabloid’s favorite people in the entertainment world.  After the much-publicized divorce and defamation courtroom drama of the ex-couple, their acting career took a backseat. Their public image was ruined and the projects they were a part of was halted.

Johnny Depp

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Recently, Amber Heard made a comeback with In The Fire almost after a year of the divorce and defamation settlement. Her Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom is slated to release in December 2023. Johnny Depp’s comeback movie Jeanne Du Barry was screened at the opening ceremony of the 2023 Cannes Film Festival. The Entourage actor’s comeback was celebrated at the prestigious film festival. He was teary-eyed at the overwhelming reception of his fans during the Cannes Film Festival.

Johnny Depp’s Recent Pictures Spark Rumors About His Bad Health

Recently Johnny Depp was spotted wearing in Manchester wearing a medical boot and he was assisted by a cane too. The pictures of the Charlie And The Chocolate Factory actor have already circulated over the internet and even became a cause of concern for the actor’s die-hard fans.

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Johnny Depp

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According to the images released by the Daily Mail, the 60-year-old actor was seen coming out of a hotel in Manchester with a medical boot in his leg and a cane in his hand. According to an update on Johnny Depp’s health, the actor had suffered a severe ankle sprain while performing a musical number. With a reputation for hardly injuring himself, the actor’s pictures that spoke volumes about his frail health became the talk of the town.


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Guitarists Jeff Beck and Johnny Depp were great friends and were extremely close to each other. Jeff Beck was 78 years old when he died due to bacterial Meningitis which left everyone devastated in January 2023. Johnny Depp had promised to complete the musical tour as Jeff Beck was a significant part of it. Currently, the tour is taking place in the United Kingdom and the upcoming performances are supposed to take place in London, Manchester, and Swansea.

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There is no possibility for the cancellation of the musical tour and Johnny Depp would be playing the musical numbers with a painful ankle sprain. The tour also includes other band members- Tommy Henriksen, Alice Cooper, and Joe Perry. Jeff Beck was like a family for actor Johnny Depp and after his sudden demise, it took months for the actor to process his death and absence.

Johnny Depp Feels Lucky To Make A Comeback Into Movies With Jeanne Du Barry

According to the reputed media outlet People, sources have confirmed that both Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have moved past their bitter divorce and defamation. They have buried their past issues and are focussing on their respective acting careers. According to a source close to the Sleepy Hollow actor, it is one of the closed chapters in the actor’s life, and “He feels incredibly lucky to do what he loves,” 

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Johnny Depp in Jeanne Du Barry

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Recently, a settlement amount of $1 million was sanctioned to the actor. As per the reports, Johnny Depp would be donating the entire amount equally to the five charities. After being critically praised for the role of Louis XV in his comeback movie Jeanne Du Barry, the teary-eyed actor addressed the audience at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival and said-

“Do I feel boycotted now? No, not at all.  I don’t feel boycotted by Hollywood because I don’t think about it. I don’t think about Hollywood. I don’t have much further need for Hollywood myself. I keep wondering about the word comeback because I didn’t go anywhere. As a matter of fact, I live about 45 minutes away. So yeah, maybe people stopped calling out of whatever their fear was at the time. But no, I didn’t go anywhere. I’ve been sitting around.”

Johnny Depp is currently completing the musical tour of his late guitarist friend Jeff Beck. He is optimistic and looks forward to doing good projects with reputed names in Hollywood.


Source: Twitter

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