The drama between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp continues as recently an unsealed document revealed Amber Heard’s mother, Paige Heard’s conversation with her. The conversation between Amber Heard and her mother was presented in court and it has revealed that things were not good between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard as the actor “messed” things up. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were married for less than two years. The two got engaged in 2014 and got married in 2015. However, one year later, in August 2016, the two got officially separated. Since their split, the two have been to court several times. Unfortunately, the actress lost her mother in 2020.

Amber Heard and Paige Heard’s conversation was presented in the court

Amber Heard and Paige Heard
Amber Heard and Paige Heard

Recently, an unsealed document came forward which contained Amber Heard‘s mother, Paige Heard’s text conversation with her daughter. The text messages were reportedly presented in the court as the actress’ mother’s texts read,

“Your dad or I would fly out today if it would help. It sounds like you need someone now. I can charge it so you don’t need to pay and no one needs to know. I am guessing that he ‘knows’ he’s f***ked up and that’s fueling his disgust and he drinks more. And you are trapped in and by that cycle. Amber, honey, I am so very sorry this is happening to you. You brought NONE of this on.”

The conversation implies that Johnny Depp was addicted to alcohol. The actress’ mother even exclaimed that she would come and meet her along with her father.

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The messages also contained pictures of Amber Heard’s bruises

Paige Heard and Amber Heard's conversation
Paige Heard and Amber Heard’s conversation

A text conversation was presented in the court that also contained images of bruises shared by Amber Heard to her mother. Paige Heard reacted to it by saying, “Oh my baby. Has he stayed this way since then!

Last month, Johnny Depp’s close friend revealed that the actress has been threatening to damage his image since their split. The two got married in 2015 but got divorced in May 2016. The two started dating in 2011 and were together for roughly 5 years.

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Johnny Depp sued Amber Heard

Johhny Depp (right) And Amber Heard (right)
Johnny Depp (left) and Amber Heard (right)

Heard was sued by the Pirates of the Caribbean star for defamation over an op-ed she wrote for The Washington Post back in 2018. In the op-ed, she claimed to be a survivor of domestic abuse and the jury concluded on June 1st, 2022 that the editorial was about the actor and ordered the actress to pay the actor for compensatory and punitive damages, which added up to roughly $10.35 million. She also received $2 million in compensatory damages.

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