Not liking Harrison Ford’s powerful portrayals on-screen is something quite unusual. And despite receiving notable recognition for playing Jack Ryan, the author of the original book series didn’t seem to be impressed by the actor’s performance.

Indiana Jones
Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones 5

Harrison Ford received immense praise from both, fans and critics for playing Jack Ryan in the 1990 classic The Hunt for the Red October. The actor replaced Alec Baldwin in his role, delivering a significant performance in Patriot Games. However, The Devil’s Own star opened up about being criticized for his work.

Harrison Ford Reveals How Jack Ryan Books Author Disliked His Role in Patriot Games

Often considered the leading man in various genres, Harrison Ford has delivered some of the best portrayals in movies. One such is Jack Ryan in the Patriot Games, a role that earned Ford appreciation from fans and critics. However, the creator of the skilled analyst gave an unexpected and negative review for Harrison Ford playing Ryan. Tom Clancy believed that the Clear and Present Danger star was too old.

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Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan
Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan

While speaking to People about his movies and iconic roles, Harrison Ford also shared Tom Clancy’s thoughts about his involvement in the Patriot Games. The actor said:

“Tom Clancy never liked me in the part. He thought I was too old, and I think he had other objections, but I don’t remember what they were.”

In the novel, Clany mentioned Ryan being 31 years old, but when Ford played the role, he was almost 50. However, age wasn’t the only factor that bothered the author, as he had other objections too. But since The Call of the White star doesn’t remember specific details, we’re unsure of what else Clany disliked.

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Patriot Games came out in 1992, directed by Phillip Noyce with a star-studded cast including Anne Archer, James Earl Jones, Sean Bean, Patrick Bergin, Thora Birch, Samuel L. Jackson, James Fox, and Richard Harris.

Harrison Ford Signed a Three Picture Deal To Play Jack Ryan

Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan
Harrison Ford

Before portraying the titular CIA analyst Jack Ryan, Harrison Ford signed a three-picture deal. The actor was also involved in one of the adaptations of Tom Clancy’s novel The Sum of All Fears during its early development. However, the Hollywood Homicide star couldn’t stick with the project as he reportedly has script issues. As, a result Ford dropped out from making The Sum of All Fears movie. According to Roger Ebert, the actor said:

“I was presented with a situation in which I didn’t want to engage, and so I passed on it.”

The acclaimed actor had to choose between The Sum of All Fears and K-19: The Widowmaker, and according to him “it would have been one or the other”. Since Ford’s portrayal of  Ryan was well-received, he reprised the role in the 1994 film Clear and Preset Danger.

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Tom Clancy passed away in 2013, and since then there have been many projects on the CIA analyst. Apart from Ford’s portrayal, another acclaimed actor John Krasinski‘s Prime Video series Jack Ryan has also been widely recognised by fans.

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