So far, fans have seen the royals in House of the Dragon battle for the throne in the show, but in real life, Matt Smith, who portrays Daemon Targaryen, and co-star Ewan Mitchell, who portrays Aemond Targaryen, battle over a title fans have given to their characters. 

House of the Dragon
Emma D’Arcy and Matt Smith in House of the Dragon | HBO Entertainment

With numerous accolades to his name, Smith has created a name for himself that has drawn many fans towards his performances. However, it looks like he is a little confused about a title that fans have given him for his role in the 2022 drama series. On the other hand, Mitchell seems to be quite eager to keep it.

The House of the Dragon Actors Battle Over a Fan-given Title

Aemond Targaryen in a still from House of the Dragon
Aemond Targaryen in a still from House of the Dragon | Source: HBO Entertainment

Matt Smith, plays the role of the prince of the Targaryen dynasty, Daemon Targaryen, in the 2022 drama series, House of the Dragon. Although in the series, he plays a renowned warrior who is also a dragon rider, fans have referred to him with a title that expresses a set of exactly opposite qualities. 

In a Hits RadioUK interview clip posted on TikTok, Smith was exposed to a rather unexpected title from the fans. The host of the interview informed him that Daemon is referred to as a ‘babygirl’. What followed was the actor being confused regarding what the term means and how the title fits him. The interviewer said:

Apparently, he is a baby girl. This is what everyone is saying.

Smith still argued with a smile that fundamentally, Daemon being a “babygirl” is nothing but an “off-piste” because the character is an adult man. He even referred to the title as a mere “oxymoron” because he seriously didn’t find the title relatable to his character, no matter what the point of view was. Not to mention that this has nothing to do with the Iron Throne of Westeros.

When Ewan Mitchell was informed about the same thing, he seemed to catch on immediately to what was being said to him. He understood that it meant that the title was meant for someone who needed to be loved. Upon being asked who between Aemond and Daemon was more ‘babygirl’, he concluded that it was Aemond. Well, the title appears to be his to keep since Smith does not seem too interested in it. 

Matt Smith Has Made a Crucial Contribution to Creating Some of The Best House Of The Dragon Scenes

Matt Smith as Daemon in House of The Dragon
Matt Smith as Daemon in House of The Dragon | Source: HBO Entertainment

Matt Smith played the character of Daemon Targaryen, who is portrayed as a rogue prince. He nailed the character in a way that viewers couldn’t keep their eyes off him. However, he hasn’t contributed to the drama series only as an actor who does his job and leaves. He has also helped the crew of House of the Dragon to create some of the best scenes for the show. 

Smith improvised a few scenes of the show which added some much-needed depth and nuance to his own character. To start off, in episode 8 of Season 1 he was the one who replaced Viserys’ fallen crown which created a more saddening and memorable moment in the show (via Entertainment Weekly). 

Actor Ryan Corr also told AccessReel how the Doctor Who actor improvised the wedding scene in episode 5. Unfortunately, it didn’t make it to the final cut. These contemplative improvisations from him really added some much-needed glory to not only the show but his own character to a great extent too. 

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