The famous comedian-turned-actor Russell Brand is back in the media spotlight for all the wrong reasons. The media personality sent shock waves across the entertainment industry recently after he was accused rape and sexual assault by four women. However, the British celebrity has straightaway denied all the charges pressed against him.

Russell Brand
Russell Brand

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Amidst the allegations, an old video of Russell Brand talking about the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle has already gone viral on social media platforms. According to the video, the media personality is talking about snogging the Suits actor in a scene in the 2010 movie Get Him To The Greek. 

Russell Brand On Kissing Meghan Markle Before She Was Married To Prince Harry

Russell Brand and Meghan Markle collaborated on a movie named Get Him To The Greek in 2010. During an appearance on the media outlet ITV’s Loose Women segment the comedian spoke about battling addiction and his movie Get Him To The Greek, where he had ended up kissing the Suits actor. He said-

 “She was in a film that I was in, Get Him to the Greek, it was a good film. Meghan Markle didn’t know at the time because she wasn’t married to a Royal person. I don’t remember the film that much, I think I planted one on her in the scene.”

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He further mentioned-

“But that was scripted in the scene. I only know this because I think I saw a clip of it somewhere. They should bring that up [at the wedding]… if anyone has any reason… yeah Russell Brand snogged her in the film!”

Russell Brand
Meghan Markle

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Meghan Markle got married to the Duke of Sussex in 2018. She tried her luck in the entertainment industry before getting married to Prince Harry. She was last seen in the famous legal drama Suits. Russell Brand is quite infamous for openly bragging about his relationships in public. The actor has had a long list of exes- which includes A-listers from the music world to supermodels.

Russell Brand’s Denied The Rape And Sexual Assault Charges Made Against Him

The comprehensive investigation of the alleged misconduct revealed a set of disturbing patterns of behavior in the comedian’s interaction with women. According to the allegation made by a minor, Russell Brand not only sexually assaulted her, but also used manipulation tactics such as sending a car to her school to pick her up. In the detailed account given by the minor, Russell Brand sexually assaulted her by pushing his pe*is down her throat forcibly. The accuser was only 16 when she was abused by the media personality, who was in his 30s

However, Russell Brand’s publicist and attorney straightaway denied the allegations through a video on social media and stated that his relationships have always been consensual. Russell Brand mentioned in a video shared on YouTube

“As I’ve written about extensively in my books, I was very, very promiscuous. When I was working in the mainstream, when I was in the newspapers all the time when I was in the movies. During that time of promiscuity, the relationships I had were absolutely always consensual.”

Russell Brand
Russell Brand

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This entire controversy has only brought him into the negative media light and criticism. The turn of events has cast a shadow of uncertainties on Russell Brand’s career and his public image in the entertainment industry.

Source: ITV Loose Women/ YouTube

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