Racism isn’t a new word or for that matter, it might be called a full-fledged reason why many visits a therapist. In addition, not only the common man but also the infamous celebs fall prey to this prevalent practice. Even though this might be difficult to comprehend, we have an example to help you believe. Trina McGee, best known as Angela Moore on the ’90s ABC sitcom “Boy Meets World,” had a hard time trying to cope with racism and move past it.

Trina McGee
Trina McGee

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Trina McGee being the only black main cast member on the popular sitcom faced a significant amount of racism. She was treated as a stranger and was demeaned at best. Back in 2020, the actress opened up about her issues, and as per Danielle Fishel, the revelation helped the co-stars get closer.

‘It lowered my self-esteem’ – Trina McGee

Trina McGee was treated as a stranger
Trina McGee was treated as a stranger

McGee, who portrayed Shawn Hunter’s (Rider Strong) love interest Angela Moore, tweeted in January 2020 about the racism she encountered on set between 1997 to 2000. Even though she starred in roughly 60 episodes of the original series, the actor said that she was treated “like a stranger” on set and “called aunt Jemima” and a “bitter bitch.” McGee said Friedle apologized multiple times over the years for his comment, adding that he didn’t understand how his remark “would hurt me.”

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During an interview with Yahoo Entertainment published in July 2020, McGee said she couldn’t “shake the hurt of some words and situations that were said.”

“I feel like I’m always the one who had to squelch it and move on. ‘You could get sued. You could get fired. You could ruin this person’s career.’ What about me? What about all this stuff I’m taking and ingesting in me, and not really totally realizing how much it’s lowering my vibration, my self-esteem. I didn’t say it 20 years ago but I’m saying it now. And honestly, I said it way before I knew any of the world’s changes were about to happen.”

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Trina McGee on the set of Boy Meets World
Trina McGee on the set of Boy Meets World

McGee played the same character in the Disney’s “Girl Meets World” reboot, and she has since patched things up with Will Friedle and Danielle Fishel. Fishel admitted on Twitter to “being rude, cold, & distant” to McGee during the spin-off. Trina McGee called it an example of “teaching culture” as opposed to “cancel culture.”

Source – Yahoo Entertainment

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