All heroes across DC and Marvel have qualities that showcase uniqueness, but one thing is that all MCU characters have one thing in common – a godly physique.

When it’s about comic movie adaptations, this obviously requires the stars to get in an impressive built and shape via a substantial training regimen, in terms of getting the six-pack and coming up a massive amount of muscle.

Over the past years, a few actors have made their impressive physiques which is an important element of their overall appeal. So, it shouldn’t come as no surprise that almost every jacked star has tackled various superhero roles over the past few years – like Dwayne Johnson, John Cena, and Henry Cavill.

Love and Thunder
Hemsworth Reveals His ‘Brutal’ Thor 4 Training Regimen

Among these actors is Chris Hemsworth, who has to resemble a Norse god for his portrayal of Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Having recently donned a huge-ass suit to portray Endgame‘s broken Thor, Hemsworth will return fitter than ever for Love and Thunder, and the Australian star revealed how he pulled it off.

How Did Chris Hemsworth Get Pumped Up for Thor 4?


While appearing in an interview with Disney, Thor: Love and Thunder’s Chris Hemsworth revealed the hardcore training session that got him bulked up for his upcoming Marvel role.

The target weight for Hemsworth for Love and Thunder was “quite a ways above where [he’d] been before.” The actor stated the whole process a “really fun exploration” as they ended up experimenting with various exercises and adjustments in terms of calories to help him reach him the right level and “hold it for four months:”

“This was particularly hard because the target weight we aimed for was quite a ways above where I’d been before. This was probably the biggest and fittest I’ve ever been. We had 12 months where I was at home just training and puppeteering the body and manipulating. We’d try more swimming, then try more martial arts, and adjust calories. It was a really fun exploration. I got really big and fit, but then just had to hold it for four months, which was very hard.”

When Will Thor: Love and Thunder Release?

Gorr, the film’s villain

Hemsworth also spoke with extratv, discussing his role in Spiderhead and when asked if he managed to take a break from the rigorous training for the Netflix movie as he stays fully clothed throughout. Hemsworth revealed that this wasn’t the case as he was preparing for Love and Thunder at the same time, which is why “[grows] throughout [Spiderhead] a fair bit:”

“No, because I was training for… I mean it was nice to not take my shirt off, yes. No, I didn’t have to chill because I was about to shoot Thor: Love and Thunder, like a month after this said wraps. So, you can’t really notice it, but I do grow throughout the film a fair bit. And the suits started to fill out a little, that I was wearing.”

This might not be the end of Thor’s journey as there are no signs that Love and Thunder will be his last outing as Thor, as the sequel hits theaters on July 8.

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