When it comes to Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, there are tones of speculations made before the release of the movie. MCU movies are always open for certain plot lines open for future installments.
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 which was delayed due to unforeseen circumstances is finally set to release in theatres in 2023.
Which this announcement, a lot of theories are already being discussed which could be seen in this third installment of Chris Pratt.
These are some of the speculations going around on the internet.

1.  Thor And Star – Lord’s “Tension”

Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Chris Pratt as Star Lord in Avengers Infinity War

MCU has their own way of showing the comedy element in the films and it comes at the times when its least expected.
And there are many good examples the lasted being in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.
There is a possibility that we could see it again between Thor and Star- Lord considering we saw it in the Avengers: Infinity War. Star Lord even tried to imitate Thor’s voice. We might get to see this in Guardians of The Galaxy Vol.3

2. Adam Warlock

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Adam Warlock is one of the most powerful characters from the Marvel Comics and his overwhelming powers made him play an important role in the comic book’s Infinity Saga.
He was seen in the second installment of the Guardians of The Galaxy. So we can expect him to be introduced with a MCU debut in the third movie.
Knowing James Gunn, he is not going to easily let go off the post credits of previous film.
Maybe Adam Warlock (though he is not a villain) could prove to be a powerful antagonist in the third movie.

3.  Rocket’s Backstory

Screen Shot 2020 12 24 at 5.05.36 PM e1625054781850
If Rocket isn’t your favorite character from the Guardians franchise, something is wrong with you. Who doesn’t love Rocket? And we have seen him  ranting about his genetic creation.
Talking raccoons are not normal at all. There are possibilities that we might finally meet Rocket’s creator in the upcoming sequel. The character could be played by Mark Hamill.
Backstory of Rocket will give some additional thrill and excitement to the movie.

4.  Drax and Mantis; The New BFF Pair

guardians of the galaxy vol 2 mantis drax 996487
Mantis was introduced in the Guardians franchise in the second segment.
She has an extremely innocent and  loveable personality and was liked by the fans. But she got much better as her friendship blossomed with Drax.
It was a perfect pair since Drax had a mean spirited sense of humor and lacked subtlety and Mantis had a confused mind.
Their friendship brings a balance to the whole group and makes the movie more fun.

5.  Pavement for Kang?

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As if Thanos was not enough to scare us all, there are more powerful villains coming up to challenge the Avengers.
The next villain to be taking the space of Thanos would be Kang the Conqueror.
Despite the fact that reports suggest that  Kang the Conqueror will be making his debut in Ant- Man and the Wasp : Quantumania. But we all know what kind of villain he is, he could get a chance to fight with the Guardians of the Galaxy.

6. Backlash from Endgame

avengers endgame 1619486515

Looking at the intensity of  Avengers : Endgame and the kind of impact it had on the entire MCU, most of  the projects after the movie have paid a huge reference to the same talking about the character’s death or the impact of the snap.
It is unclear how the Endgame affected the galaxy and this movie will be the best way to explore the same.
The return of Gamora will create problems for Star- Lord.
We could see the gang explore the new planets and solar systems.

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