Marvel is known for its post credits scenes. The short scene always plants a seed for a potential sequel. The movie which started the post credit scene culture takes us back to 1979’s Muppet Movie and this kicked off the post credits scene mania in Hollywood.
Marvel started its post credits traditions with the first Iron Man which introduced Nick Fury with the idea of a future Avengers team initiative. Since then we’ve seen multiple post credit scenes in the movies and today we have handpicked 6 of the best Marvel Post credits scenes for you.

6. “I’ll do it myself.”
-Avengers: Age Of Ultron

This was 2015 and the wait for all the fans waiting for Thanos got over when he came in the post credits scene and states, “I’ll finally do that myself.”
Until this, Thanos had been there lurking in the shadows and taking the charge to find all the Infinity Stones can be seen as a pivotal moment in the MCU.

5. Marvel Goes META (Spider-Man: Homecoming)
In Homecoming, Marvel went meta in the most hilarious way possible. We saw Captain breaking the fourth wall to lecture us about patience because that’s important especially when you’re thinking why “you waited for someone that’s so disappointing.”

4. Paging Captain Marvel (Infinity War)
Infinity War came out with a bang and well, it is one of the best films by MCU till date.
In its post credits scene, we saw Nick Fury and Maria Hill disappearing with Thanos snapping his fingers resulting in the disappearance of half the population and before Fury vanished, he sent a pager to Captain Marvel which establishes her arrival in the MCU.

3. Grootloose (Guardians of the Galaxy)
In Vol. 1, Groot sacrificed himself by saving all his friends with his twigs shielding them from the blast and luckily one twig of Groot gets saved which grows again with time.
The post credits scene shows Baby Groot dancing to Michael Jackson only to freeze up when Drax sees him. Well, with Baby Groot looking adorable and Drax being a confused and awkward sweetheart, this scene ends up higher on our list.

2. The One Who Courts Death (The Avengers)
In Avengers, we saw the heroes fighting against Loki and Chitauris and in the mid credits, we find out that it’s roots are attached to Thanos and gave us his first glimpse. We even see him smiling at the idea of courting Death and this scene did set up the pace for MCU later on.

1. The Avenger Initiative (Iron Man)
Iron Man started it all in 2008 and the movie gave us Iron Man and the movie ends with Iron Man admitting who he really is behind the mask in a press conference.
There was no MCU and it was just about Iron Man at this time but all this changed during the post credits scene when Nick Fury comes to Stark with a proposal of The Avengers Team, something that changed the entire course of MCU.

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